0.8M Crate Kiln Dried Ash/Oak Firewood Logs For Sale

1.17 m3 loose, £121 / m3

External dimensions: 

0.8 (h)  x 1.18 (w) x 0.87 (d)

Internal dimensions: 0.74 x 1.12 x 0.83 
Internal stacked volume: 0.69 m3 
Loose volume:  1.17 m3 
Moisture content: KD Average 20% 
Log Length:  25cm (+/- 2cm) 
Log Dia: 7-15cm measured across widest point of log
Species: Ash / Oak 
Source:  EU

Kiln dried ash/oak firewood logs for sale, 1.17 m3 loose, £121/ m3. Combination of best firewood species available in the market. Kiln dried oak is excellent for heat, burning slowly and steadily and producing little ash, have much higher energy content per m3 and so release more heat per pallet. Kiln dried oak also produce long-lasting fires and coal beds. Oak is very dense hardwood tree, so it burns for a very long time. Getting it started is the tricky part, though. Because of its density, it requires continuous high heat to really start it burning well and once it does get burning, there isn’t much maintenance that must be done.

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Kiln Dried Ash/Oak Firewood Logs For Sale - 0.8M Crate (1.17 m3)

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