1.25M Flexi Crate of Kiln Dried Ash / Oak Unsplit Hardwood Logs

1.25M Flexi Crate of Kiln Dried Ash / Oak Unsplit Hardwood Logs

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1.25M Flexi Crate of Kiln Dried Ash / Oak Unsplit Hardwood Logs

Pallet Details

External Dimensions: 1.25 x 1.16 x 0.87 ( 4’1” x 3'10” x 2'10')

Internal Dimensions: 1.09 x 1.12 x 0.83 / (3'7” x 3'8” x 2'8”)

Stacked: 1.01 m3

Loose: 1.72 m3

Moisture Content: Average 20% 

Log Length: 25cm (+/- 2cm) / 9.8” (+/- 1”) 

Cut: Un-split 

Log Diameter: 90% with diameter between 80mm and 150mm measured across the widest edge

Species: EU Ash / OAK

Source: FSC Certified

Our 1.25 M Flexi pallet contains kiln dried un-split ash &oak hardwood firewood logs that are dried to an average moisture content of 10- 20% or less and are ready for burning straight-away on any wood burning appliance. Logs are cut to 25cm in length and kiln dried for 3-4 days in drying chambers meeting the strictest EU moisture content standards for the kiln dried hardwood firewood. This 1.25 M of kiln dried un-split premium firewood is produced to the same high standards you would find in Scandinavia or Germany, two climates which are known for their harsh winter weather. This un-split mix ash/oak hardwood logs is suitable for all types of wood burning stove or open fire. Our professionally kiln dried hardwood logs are cleaner to burn than normal logs and will help to cut down on flue and stove related problems caused by residues.

Please note that firewood by its very nature is an imprecise product. We are doing everything we can to ensure our product meets and exceeds the above specification, nevertheless a tolerance of 3% should be applied to all of the specifications indicated above.

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