Welcome to Buy Firewood Direct

Welcome and thank you for visiting our online store. We hope that you will find the logs which fit your needs. You will find below our ready to burn UK accredited kiln dried log assortment, stacked in crates and nets. We stock and provide free delivery to most UK postcodes. Our options include standard crates, flexi crates, large crates, and netted firewood (40 and 80 nets). Please note that, in response to our competitor’s product segmentation, we will be slightly changing the largest pallet dimensions for the start of the 2021 season by reducing the total height. This will not only make it cheaper and more accessible, but also enable us to keep the same price per cubic meter offer for our customers. It is always cheaper to buy larger crates in bulk at m3 price, rather than smaller crates, and our recent change means we are giving you the option to buy our larger crates at the best possible price. Please visit our kiln dried logs wholesale page if you use the logs for your business, either by selling them or using them for your catering needs, as you will find all our latest deals and offers there.