Advantages of a Stove Thermometer

A stove thermometer enables you to monitor your stove’s performance and know how efficiently your fire is operating. You can generally attach a stove thermometer to your flue pipe with a magnet that is mounted on the rear. It will give you instant feedback on the heat of your fire. Always burn logs within the optimal temperature range to avoid creosote
If the vents of your stove are damped or closed down too much it will produce flue temperatures of 100-200 °F. As this is not enough to combust the fuel or logs, it can lead to a build-up of creosote inside your flue and chimney. Your fires must be kept burning at a temperature of between 300-450 °F, as this will minimise the build-up of creosote and make sure you do not waste your logs.The stove thermometers that we stock have three zones that are clearly defined, which are “creosote”, “best operation” and “too hot”. These zones ensure you can add fewer or more logs with ease and also control the amount of oxygen in order to make sure your stove keeps operating efficiently.