When selecting the logs to use for your pizza oven, your priority should always be the moisture content, wood species and the size, as thin-cut logs are the best to use.

Pizza ovens need logs which are low in moisture content in order to eliminate the smoke that is generated by the fire – as you don’t want to eat pizza that tastes as if it’s been cooked on a bed of ash.

So kiln dried logs are the best choice when you’re buying logs for cooking, as long as their moisture content is lower than 20%.

By choosing thinly cut logs, like the specialized pizza oven logs we sell, you can create small, easy to light fires that will speedily reach the desired temperature, giving the pizzas a crisp, tasty wood-fired base.

Warning: Make sure you do not choose logs that are either too thick or high in moisture, as you will struggle to reach and maintain the cooking temperatures needed.

Unlike briquettes and other compressed waste sawdust products, which can contain binders and chemicals, real logs will not generate any excess dust or ash which could ruin the delicious taste of your pizza.

It is important to remember that the species of wood determines how long your logs will burn for. To avoid fluctuations in the cooking temperature, use only hardwoods, such as oak, ash and birch.

To create a long and sustained fire that will cook your pizzas within minutes, use some of our natural firelighters and a handful of kindling before you add the logs.

You’ll find our thinly-cut mixed hardwood logs are ideal for using in pizza ovens. We deliver nets of wood for pizza ovens to residential customers all over the country and also supply many wood-fired pizza restaurants all the year-round.