The way that you stack logs in your log store plays an important role in seasoning fresh logs to dry them out and ensuring that your kiln dried logs stay dry.

Therefore, do not just throw them in a pile in the log store or stack them too tightly together, as logs need the space to breathe while they are being stored.

Throwing the logs into a loose mountain in your store is a bad idea for two big reasons. Firstly, you will lose a lot of valuable room in the log store, but even more importantly, you will block out the wind that should circulate through your logs.

Stacking the logs too tightly can also reduce the air-flow between your logs, so the best solution is to stack your logs neatly but loosely, so there are a lot of gaps for the air to pass through. (The image on the right shows the correct way to stack your logs.)

Make sure there’s an inch of space between each row of logs, if possible, to allow the fresh air to circulate and reach a greater surface area of your logs.

Our small log store provides you with sufficient room to stack your logs two rows deep and it’s perfect for storing your kiln dried logs.