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About Kiln Dried Firewood

When you are looking for the very best wood for your fire or BBQ, you need to source logs that will burn cleanly, burn hot and burn long. Kiln dried logs offer all of this and much more. Kiln dried wood is low in moisture with a guaranteed minimum of 20% and therefore burns without sparking and will burn longer than the average. The wood is also responsibly sourced and meets the highest recognised standards in the UK, Germany and Scandinavia.

Whether it is for your winter fire, your Summer BBQ or even just for display purposes, firewood can feel like a huge subject. What to choose, what is best for your needs and how do you decide what is best to buy? Our selection of kiln dried logs offer you a huge selection of wood types and size loads that will meet all your needs - plus we can give you advice on what to buy too.

Our kiln dried wood is produced to offer you the very best results. The process of kiln drying involves the wood being passed through an extremely hot furnace designed to extract as much of the water from the wood as possible. Wood with a low moisture content will burn hotter and with less smoke than other wood types. Your kiln dried logs will produce less emissions, spark and crackle less and the logs will burn hotter and longer.

We offer a huge range of kiln dried logs that are designed to meet all of your needs. Our mixed hardwoods, oak/ash and birch logs are provided in a variety of size loads including convenient netted bags for easy storage and transportation. We deliver direct to our customers usually within 48 hours, so you will never need to be without wood for your fire for long.

You can have our logs delivered in 0.8M,  1.25m or 2m crates or as 40 or 80 netted bags - each containing the perfect amount for storage inside your home. Then there are the wood types. We do mixed hardwoods, birch and ash oak. All hardwoods are excellent for fires of all types and when they have been kiln dried to a low moisture content you know that you can trust them. However you may prefer birch due to its longevity or ash oak fors its extra heat. 

If you want more flexibility we also sell crates of individually netted logs to make them extra easy to transport into your home. You can buy 80 or 40 nets depending on your needs. If you wish, you can also choose unsplit hardwoods with their attractive round, natural shape. These are ideal for decorative purposes, but also burn well. Just click through to find out about each of the kiln dried logs we sell and to get more information.Don’t forget to take a look at our special deals, loyalty scheme and gift vouchers when placing your order today.

We have been selling kiln dried logs for more than 10 years and during that time we have built a huge amount of experience and expertise in the production of the very best logs for home fires, wood burners, outdoor fires and more. We encourage you to contact us to ask our advice on any of our kiln dried log products to ensure you are buying the very best for your requirements and your budget.

Kiln dried firewood for sale in nets

One of the most difficult parts of having an open fire or log burner is the storage and carrying of all that wood. Bringing it into the house can be difficult and sorting it into manageable amounts can be even worse. This is why our netted kiln dried logs are so popular with householders.

Our net options

Our kiln dried log nets come in two sizes - 80 nets or 40 nets. Each come delivered to you in a crate and pallet which is easy to access. All you need to do is take out one net as required and transport it directly into the house. One net of wood will be enough for at least one day or burning, making it easier than ever to move your wood to where you need it.

If you are ordering the larger sized netted wood we recommend that you ensure you have a suitable place for it to be placed. You may also need to consider the approach to your home and if it will be suitable for our trucks. If you are at all worried about this, please contact us in advance.

The fire logs

We offer mixed hardwood, ash and birch logs all conveniently tied into nets. Each one contains around 10 to 14 logs - more than enough for a day's use. The wood is kiln dried and therefore offers a low emissions burn and will give you a hotter and longer lasting fire.

The nets are also perfect for if you want to stack your logs in the garage or shed. It is a breeze to move them from the crate and the uniform sized logs will easily stack into a small area.  The flexibility you get from netted logs makes these ideal for home use and you will love how convenient these logs can be. We have been selling kiln dried wood for more than ten years and therefore have plenty of experience. If you would like to speak to one of our experts just give us a call and we can recommend that best wood products for your needs.

What is kiln dried firewood / how kiln dried is achieved / process

Kiln drying wood is one of the most effective and quickest ways of removing moisture from wood so that it can burn cleanly. The result is wood that has a decreased weight, has better insulation properties and has had infestations and fungal infections removed. It is therefore  much better fuel for your fireplace or stove and will give a hotter and longer lasting fire.

The process involves batches of wood being placed into the kiln with plenty of air circulating around them. The kiln is heated usually with a gas furnace and is ventilated to control the humidity and to extract the moisture that has come from the wood. Fans are used to circulate the hot air to get the most effect results. Industrial kilns are generally made of metal and will have compartments that are thermally insulated.

Each type of wood will be kiln dried for a different amount of time to take into account the thickness and moisture content of the raw material. Specialists have devised the very best processes and drying times for the various species to ensure that the method uses the least amount of energy.

Kiln drying is more effective than air drying because it can be completed at any time of the year without variable results, there is more control over the level of moisture removal and the wood retains its integrity due to the ability to control the process. Overall, kiln drying is a great way for you to get wood that will burn perfectly without the variability you may have found with other types of air-dried wood.

Why kiln dried firewood is recommended, benefits

When deciding on the best wood for your fire you have probably heard that kiln dried logs are the very best. But do you know why? Read on to discover the benefits of kiln dried wood and why it makes the very best option for your fireplace, stove or log burner. 

Your kiln dried logs will have a very low moisture content of usually less than 20% and this means that they are:

Easy and very quick to light due to the lack of moisture. Even without kindling you should be able to get your fire started in no time.

Long lasting - in fact kiln dried logs will last around three times as long as logs that are unseasoned.

Easy to transport. Kiln dried logs are lighter as the moisture has been removed. You can therefore easily carry them into your home.

Hotter than other woods. You can get a roaring fire that will give off a higher heat than other types of fuel.

Easy to use in all types of fuel burners including stoves. Log burners and open fires - even BBQs.

Hardwood logs vs softwood logs

You may think that one load of firewood is very much like another - you put it on the fire and it burns. But in reality there are many different types of firewood and each will have its own special characteristics. These may mean that it burns more cleanly, for longer or is easier to store. When choosing it is important to understand the difference between hardwood and softwood.


Hardwood is generally considered to be the better wood for open fires, BBQs and log burners as it will burn for longer - meaning you don’t need to top up the logs nearly as often. But why is this?

Hardwood is very dense and therefore already has a lower moisture content and a strength than you would find in softwoods. This means it burns without as many sparks or as much smoke. But there is more to it that just this. Hardwood also burns hotter giving you more thermal units per wood delivery than you would get with softwood. 

Hardwood will take longer to dry out which is why the kiln drying process is especially suitable for this type of wood.


Softwood include trees such as pine and cedar and fir and are often evergreens. These grow much more quickly than hardwoods like oak or ash and give a less dense piece of wood with a higher moisture content. It will also contain more resin which can mean it will burn hot and fast with lots of crackling and sparking.

Softwoods are ideal for kindling as they have this fast burning quality and they will leave behind very little in the way of ashes, but this makes it hard to relight a fire if you don’t watch over it. A softwood fire will go out quickly, but this can make softwoods good for short term fires such as campfires or BBQs where you want a good strong flame.

Which to choose

Overall a hardwood is best as a long term fire option in log burners and open fires - especially if it has been kiln dried to achieve a low moisture content. However if you want a short term and hot fire try a softwood.

What is sustainable forestry, sustainable forest management

When you buy your kiln dried logs for your fire you may question where the logs came from and whether they are sustainable. In fact for many people, the ecological impact of their fire is of great concern. A log fire is actually a great choice when it comes to using less energy (especially in avoiding coal fired electricity) but if you choose wood that is sustainable you are lowering your carbon footprint even further.

Sustainable forest management involves the principles of maintaining and balancing the ecological, economic and socio-cultural aspects of wood production. Wood producers who adhere to these principles are aiming to manage their forest to preserve it in the long term. In some ways the nature of their business and this need to be sustainable may seem like they conflict, but actually sustainability ensures the long term viability of their business and keeps people employed in the long term.

For our customers the fact that their kiln dried logs have come from a carefully managed sustainable forest means that they can be sure that the wood they are burning has come from a forest where farmers are adhering to the criteria set up by their country and have been internationally recognised. This may include planting programmes, careful choices of where and how trees are felled and the lowest possible impact on local people and wildlife.

You can check and see if the wood you are buying has been sustainably farmed by seeing if it has been correctly certified. In the UK the main certification bodies are the PEFC and FSC.

About kiln dried Ash hardwood logs; character, benefits

Ash hardwood has long been chosen for burning in open fires and log fires as it has all the characteristics that make it an ideal fuel. We use kiln dried ash logs because we recognise these qualities and only want to offer the very best to our customers. Ash kiln dried logs offer the following benefits:

Ash has low moisture content even when freshly cut, so it can be burnt even at this early stage, but it is best when kiln dried to a moisture level of less than 20%.

Ash is grown as part of a sustainable forest and is very plentiful worldwide - this makes it ideal for burning. It is the third most common species of tree in the UK and is relatively fast growing compared to some other hardwoods.

As a hardwood, ash is long burning and will give hot flames with very little sparking.

Ash will split easily without splintering making it ideal as a firewood or as kindling - but also for making tools or furniture.

Once most of the moisture has been removed ash logs will be light and easy to carry and store.

About kiln dried Birch hardwood logs; character, benefits

Choosing the right type of wood to burn in your fire depends on a number of factors including how hot you need your fire to be and what type of fire you have. Birch kiln dried logs are an excellent option for almost all applications and will give you a good roaring fire in no time. For the benefits of birch fire logs, read on:

Birch trees are usually smaller in size than some other hardwoods and grow relatively quickly - this means they are easily harvested and replanted in sustainable forests.

You can spot a birch tree by its bark which is grey or white with a peeling papery consistency.

The heat produced from birch is slightly lower than that from ash, but it reduces to coals that last a long time - giving good residual heat.

Birch is best when it has been split into smaller pieces as too much bark on any one piece can lead to sparking.

If kiln dried, birch can reduce the moisture content down to less than 20% making it ideal for most fire types. It is best kiln dried as it can take a long time to dry in the air.

Birch has a lovely scent when burning making a great choice for firepits and BBQs.

Comparing kiln dried firewood

When buying firewood for your fire, wood burner or BBQ you need to consider many important factors. These include how much storage space you have, how easy is it for a large truck to enter your premises, how many fires you have in your home, how often you light a fire, what your budget is and what type of fire you want.

If this sound confusing, you may find our comparison chart helpful to work out what your needs are. From this page you can see all of our products in one place and then click through to each product for more information and to see how closely it meets your needs. You can also compare your wood choices in one easy spot making your purchase even easier to make.

We compare our logs based on a number of factors including the following:

The wood type - mixed hardwood, birch or ash

The size load

The volume when stacked

The price per cubic metre - so you can easily compare the prices across all products

The log length

The moisture content - the lower the moisture the better, longer and hotter the burn

The amount you will get in loyalty points

The availability

The total price

We do ask that you take a few pointers into consideration before you make your choice:

Note that wood products will vary - its a natural product after all, so not all specifications will be 100% accurate, but we do our very best to ensure your are getting what we specify within a 3% tolerance.

The 2m crates are very large and therefore we can only deliver to properties where access is ideal. This means no inclines and good access from the road. Please call us to check if you are unsure.

The net prices are worked out based on the internal volume using a coefficient of 1.7

The kiln drying process is inexact so the moisture content may vary. But we do confirm that the external moisture content for kiln dried logs is 8-18% while the internal moisture rating might be 16-24%.

Hopefully this has helped you to navigate our comparison page, but if you have any questions please do give one of our experts a call

Crated and hand stacked kiln dried hardwood firewood

All too often when you get firewood delivered to your home it arrives in a loan off the back of a truck and you must spend time stacking it and moving it. If you order from us, you have the option of having your kiln dried firewood delivered in crates that can be placed almost anywhere you need them. 

All of our wood choices (birch, ash oak and mixed hardwoods) are available in crates - you can even opt for one small crate of each so you can mix and match your wood.

We offer three main sizes of crates of our wood for your needs: 

You can use the 0.8m size for smaller uses such as the occasional fire over the winter, summer BBQ or firepits and for when you have smaller storage space - such as a garden shed.

The 1.25m size is perfect for if you have your fire or log burner running everyday during the winter. This will supply you with enough to keep you going for most of the cooler months and is easily stored in most locations including your garage. You can easily top this up as required.

The 2m size crate is significantly larger and is great for higher use customers. If you have a fire in several rooms or you have the fire running all day, you may appreciate having a larger load of firewood. This is also ideal for pubs and other commercial premises. But you will need plenty of space both for storage and for delivery of this firewood crate.

Our crates are designed to be sturdy and flexible. Your wood is carefully stacked on a pallet and then surrounded by wood and a flexible plastic. You can then decide what you would like to do with your crate. We will deliver it to its final location or you can move the wood easily from the crate into your shed or storage area. The crates are also covered with plastic so they are protected from the elements.

You should be aware that our larger crates are very heavy and as such you should ensure that they are able to be easily delivered. This means that the delivery area should be level and not on an incline. The truck may also have trouble getting over kerbs, so driveway access is important. If you have any concerns about this, just get in touch and we will discuss your circumstances. Our experts are waiting for you call regarding our kiln dried logs crates.

From our Firewood Newsletters

April showers - still need those fire logs

We are waking up each morning and seeing the sun and enjoying the longer days, but Spring can still have the odd chilly day. When those April showers hit, you will certainly know that Summer isn’t quite here yet. So even though your fireplace or log burner may not be in daily use - there might be the occasional time that you decide it deserves to be lit.

When you do choose to light your fire in April, you will want to be sure that you are burning the safest and most environmentally friendly wood you can find. Our kiln dried logs are perfect for giving you that peace of mind. Not only are they dried over several hours to achieve a low moisture content, but they offer a warm and long lasting fire that will be perfect for the still chilly evenings.

Moisture free wood offers a low spark alternative to standard split wood and the hardwoods that we offer will burn for many hours - making kiln dried logs great on your pocket. You may not need a huge amount of wood at this time of the year and that is why we sell all of our firewood in small quantities. 

You can get bags of wood that will last you through to the Summer and you won’t need to buy more than you need. These bags of wood are easy to store and to transport and they will be more than enough for the occasional fire over the next few weeks.

Now if a great time to think about stocking up on wood for next winter too. If you store it in a dry shed or your garage, it will weather during the warm season and as soon as that cold weather hits again, you have all the wood you need at your fingertips. There really is nothing like being prepared, this early in the year.

So the Spring is the perfect time to get your kiln dried logs for use either now, when the weather's still chilly, or to save until you really need it. Either way, we are here to help you with all of your kiln dried wood requirements.

May - Getting the garden ready

The month of May is the perfect time to start doing those outside jobs that you have put off over the winter months. This includes cleaning the outside of your house, scraping up those last few leaves, clearing away the dead plants and trimming the trees and bushes in your garden. But we think that May is also the perfect month to improve your wood storage - so that when you have your next order of kiln dried logs delivered, you will have the perfect place for it.

There are lots of ways that you can store your firewood, including in the garage or a standard shed. But there is nothing quite like having a specialist wood store that is designed exactly for the purpose of storing the amount of wood you usually have delivered. If stored carefully, you can always see exactly how much firewood you have left and you can place your next order in plenty of time.

An open - but covered store is a great way to keep your wood dry - but also to ensure the air moves freely around it, drying any moisture that does get into it. We spend a long time ensuring that your kiln dried wood is as free from moisture as possible and in some cases that can be as much as 90% free. So leaving it outside in the rain is really not an option.

A wood store usually has a roof and sides - but might be open to the front to give you easy access. You can work out how large to build your store by taking into account the size wood order you usually have. Our pallets come in various sizes and are measured in metres. All you need to do is make your store just a little bit larger to leave room for air to circulate.

You should build your store on firm ground or preferably on flagstones or a concrete base. If you put it up against the wall of your house you will find it is even easier to build - but do choose a wall that is away from the wind and rain. Standard materials from your DIY store will be perfect and you can even make it as fancy as you you wish to enhance your garden and your home.

A wood store is the perfect project for this May and you will be so excited, you will order a load of wood to go in it straight away!

With Summer finally knocking at the door we thought it would be a great time to point out that there’s no need to pile your kiln dried logs in the shed until Autumn comes around. Spring time is perfect for getting use out of your logs in a variety of ways.

We all know that Spring is the ideal time for getting the garden looking at its best ready for those BBQs. As soon as the first warm weekend hits we will be firing up the grill and cooking some bangers. Have you ever thought of using your kiln dried logs in your BBQ instead of the usual coals? Not only will they last longer - but they will give your cooking a gorgeous smell and smoky flavour. Just get them burning until they are glowing white and let the heat cook your steaks to perfection.

Plus while the weather is still a little chilly in the evenings, your logs can be used in your outdoor fire to provide some well-needed heat. You may already own a firepit or chimnea - but if not (and you don’t mind a charred section on your grass) just build a ring of old bricks or large stones and set your fire in there. Don’t forget to carefully extinguish it though!

There’s nothing quite like cuddling up around a fire in the gathering gloom with a blanket and crackling logs. Don’t forget the marshmallows!


Well, BBQ season is finally upon us. Delicious smells are probably wafting from your next door neighbours dinner while you read this. If you love a good BBQ you probably can’t be doing with one of these new-fangled gas grills. That is just like a kitchen outside. What you want is a proper fire, with proper wood logs. This will let your inner caveman out until you have to put him away and head to work on Monday morning.

We recommend that you build a proper fire in your garden within a small fire pit or ring of bricks and use that to get that super delicious charring on your steaks. You can set up a cast iron grill to place over the hot logs once they have burned down and the heat will quickly cook everything from sausages to salmon. Of course take extra care to put out your fire properly once you are done enjoying the warmth well into the night.

The key is your choice of wood. If you choose our kiln dried ash, you will get a slow burning and low smoke log that will emit plenty of heat. The smell is also wonderful and will give your food that smoky flavour that you just can’t get with gas grills. Add some natural herbs to the smouldering embers and the smell will be better than your neighbour’s by far!

June - the first BBQ of the year

It is one of those family milestones that comes around every year in the early Summer or late spring - the first BBQ in June. The weather is reliably warm, the rain might have given up (for a while at least) and everyone is desperate for charred sausages, juicy burgers and a crisp lettuce salad. Kiln dried logs might not seem like the perfect accompaniment - but read on to find out why they could make all the difference.

Those of us who choose not to use a gas BBQ, do so because we like the smell and flavour that comes from a proper flame BBQ. That flavour can be enhanced even further by choosing kiln dried wood to keep your BBQ well and truly hot and ready to do its thing. There is nothing worse that the smell of artificial coals and if you want that traditional BBQ smell and flavour you need the real thing.

We offer birch and ash hardwood logs that would be perfect in your BBQ. Each has been dried in a kiln to ensure that they burn cleanly and with as little smoke as possible. This is important when you have guests gathering around the BBQ. As slow and long burners, these woods will form hot coals that are perfect for getting that searing heat you need. Plus the smell that comes from these firewoods is amazing and will have all the neighbours wishing they could join you.

Getting your BBQ started is just as easy as it is to get your indoor fire going. We recommend that you use firelighters and some kindling (we sell this by the bag) and choose smaller logs to place on the BBQ. You may wish to split the logs once or twice before using or you can go with our unsplit logs and cut them into manageable lengths. It might take a while for the logs to burn down - but the result will be hot embers that will last a long time and can even provide much needed heat for when the sun goes down.

Your BBQ is bound to be a success if you choose to use real hardwood firewood instead of a cheap disposable BBQ from the supermarket. Better flavour, nicer smells, a longer lasting fire and the delicious result you want every time.


Hooray! It’s the school holidays and the kids are home for a long hot Summer of fun and frolicks. Well that’s what we hope. In reality we might struggle to keep them busy. So maybe it is time to dig out the old tent and sleeping bags and head out into the wilderness for a spot of pretending to be Bear Grylls. We all know that camping means an open fire - it just isn’t the same without it.

Luckily for you we have the exact thing you need to ensure your camping experience isn’t a nightmare of cold beans and raw sausages. We sell our kiln dried logs in smaller and easy to carry log nets along with kindling that will get any fire started in a jiffy. Just chuck one of our net bags into your car and off you go. You can eve use our firelighters to make the job even easier, making camping a doddle.

Now your kids will think you are amazingly gifted parents because you can light a fire and cook some food. They will have full tummies and be high on toasted marshmallows and it will be an adventure everyone will remember. Our wood logs are designed to bring your pleasure all year round and that includes during the height of Summer. The only thing we can’t help you with is putting up the tent!

Firepits - the July night in

Remember back in December when you and your loved one sat curled up on the sofa in front of the fire? Remember how romantic and cosy it was and how you wished you could spend every night of the year enjoy the flickering flames and the gentle warmth? Well even when the weather is warm it is still possible to get those log fires burning and have a romantic night out instead of in.

A fire pit is the perfect way to enjoy your supply of kiln dried logs in your garden as the sun goes down, rather than sweltering indoors. A fire pit can be bought as stand alone unit of large metal dishes that sit on a stand. You simply build your fire on the metal dish and sit around it - toasting marshmallows and drinking champagne.

Then of course there is the DIY version. By digging a hole in the ground, you can create a type of camp fire. By ringing the hole with bricks, you can build your fire safely and with minimal fuss. Of course, this latter idea will end up with charred grass and a hole in your garden! But you may decide that this is well worth it.

But it is the flexibility of being able to use your firewood in an entirely new way that really sets your heart alight. The fire pit is a romantic and sociable idea that can truly extend the way that you use your garden. Even if the air turns cold as the night wears on, you don't need to retreat indoors you can simple light the fire and stay outside. Even better if you have your favourite blanket to cuddle under (and someone to cuddle with!).

We sell a variety of suitable kiln dried firewoods that will be perfect for use in your fire pit including the ash and birch hardwoods that will burn cleanly and for many hours. Our unsplit logs have that rustic look and can be used in a more decorative way to show off your beautiful firepit prior to lighting.

Even though it is now Summer, you still have a number of ways you can enjoy an open fire and a fire pit is just one of those options - and a pretty good one.

Summer Camping - a family affair

The Summer school holidays is a perfect time to build memories with our children and a chance to do something out of the ordinary. Taking them camping is just one way to entertain them and probably one of the best. The thought of sitting around a fire you have built yourself has to be top of the list when you are a kid and as adults there are plenty of ways to make that experience even easier - kiln dried wood is just one of those.

Most campsites will allow limited campfires and may even have facilities such as fire pits to make that easier and safer. But if all you have is a patch of land and a great outdoor location, you can still create a fire to be proud of. Start by clearing the land of anything that might catch fire unexpectedly and use stones or bricks to mark out the area of your camp fire. A base of pre cut kindling or dry twigs and foliage could make for an easy way to get yourself a roaring fire.

Once you have your kindling lit, you can start adding your kiln dried logs and firewood. If you choose our mixed hardwoods you will have the luxury of a long lasting and low smoke campfire that will keep everyone toasty warm. These logs are low moisture and therefore will be almost entirely free of sparks - making them safe for children. The dying embers will also retain their heat - possibly through the night making it easy to relight in the morning for that all important cup of tea.

The fact that you can buy our firewood in nets makes the transportation of your wood to your campsite even easier. It might be more rustic to chop down a tree and use that as firewood, but realistically this isn’t always advisable or possible. One small net bag of wood in your car boot will be more than enough to keep you going for a weekend - ensuring that the process is easy but still satisfying.

Before you know it, you are toasting marshmallows and building memories with your children that will last a lifetime. You will be so pleased you made the effort.

Safety is an important consideration when you are building a campfire. Always carefully watch children and position your fire away from your tent, your car and any play areas.

Time to prepare for autumn

Once September arrives and the children head back to school, our thoughts often turn to preparing our homes and ourselves for the onslaught of the winter months. One of the chores you will need to do at this time of the year and get your fuel for your open fire. September is the perfect time to purchase a load of firewood and it could be one of the cheaper times too.

If you have a wood burner, log fire, biomass boiler or a simple open fire, you will need a good reliable supply of wood throughout the winter months. This could mean buying it as and when you need it - or you could get incredibly organised and buy your wood well in advance - taking advantage of the savings you will make by buying in bulk.

As long as you have a suitable place to store your wood, such as the garage or a shed, you can buy as much as you will need for the entire winter. This is a much more economical way to buy your wood and if you choose kiln dried wood you are getting all kinds of other benefits as well.

Our wood is designed to be long lasting, low smoke and low spark due to its very low moisture content. So while you may need a large order of wood to see you through all of the cooler months, this kiln dried wood will last longer than most. Furthermore - if you buy a large pallet you can get all you need in one easy purchase.

You have a number of options when it comes to your wood delivery. You can have your pallet split into nets - making it easy to carry your daily wood into the home. Simply choose one of the nets and you have the right amount for a day or two of an open fire. You can also opt for regular split wood that is easy to use and conveniently shaped for your fire. Other options include the unsplit wood that has a more rustic look and is great as a decorative option. Plus there is the kindling that you will need - saving you the back breaking work of splitting your wood.

So get in early and get your supply of wood now - before that unexpected cold snap hints and you are forced to use your electric heating. That would be a shame when you have a perfectly good fire just waiting for the right wood.