About Us


About us

Buy Firewood Direct specialises in kiln dried hardwood firewood for both the retail and wholesale market in England, Wales and Scotland. Our wood is produced to the highest standards that are expected in Germany and Scandinavia. Here the harsh winters demand a product that is carefully resourced, well prepared, is low in carbon emissions and suitable for both home wood burners and open fires. We also operate to the same standards here in the UK – giving you a quality of product that is second to none. 

Range of Hardwoods

We have a good range of hardwood available for prompt deliveries, as we stock kiln dried mixed hardwoods, kiln dried birch and kiln dried ash hardwood logs.

Guaranteed Moisture Content – Kiln Dried 10- 20% 

Unlike other retailers, that import wood from multiple producers, we produce our own products. This starts with the forestry and log supply, and finishes with the oven drying cycle (kiln drying). We can guarantee that all of our produced hardwood logs are kiln dried  average to below 20%, which means they meet all the highest recognised standards in the UK, Germany and Scandinavia. 

Sustainable Wood – Responsibly Sourced

Buy Firewood Direct guarantees that all of our log supply is responsibly sourced from private and state forests. 

Fast & Reliable Delivery

Most of our orders are delivered within 2-3 working days, providing you place your order with all the relevant instructions. Unlike other companies, which offer a 2 to 10 business day service and sell from another supplier, we dispatch our own goods from our own stocks, either on the same working day or the following one. You don’t have to worry about the distance either, as we can transport our crates up to 400 miles within 2-3 days. Click here to see how Palletways home delivery works.

Free Delivery Postcodes

AL, B,  BA,  BB,  BD,  BH,  BL,  BN,  BR,  BS,  CA,  CB, CF,  CH,  CM,  CO,  CR,  CT,  CV, CW,  DA, DE,  DH,  DL,  DN,  DY, DT,  E, EC,  EH1-EH21, EH27-EH30,  EH47-EH55,  EN,  EX,  FY, G,  GL,  GU,  HA,  HD,  HG,  HP,  HR,  HU,  HX,  IG,  IP,  KA1,  KA11-KA12, ML1-ML9, KA3, KT,  L, LA,  LE,  LD,  LL11-LL14, LL15-LL36. LL40-LL41, LL57,  LN,  LS,  LU, M,  ME,  MK,  N,  NE, NG,  NN,  NP,  NR,  NW,  OL , OX,  PA1-PA19,  PE, PL1-PL13, PL16-PL21,  PO,  PR,  RG,  RH,  RM,  S,  SA,  SE,  SG,  SK,  SL,  SM,  SN,  SP,  SO,  SR,  SS,  ST,  SW, SY,  TA,  TD12,  TD15,  TF,  TN,  TS,  TQ,  TW,  UB, W,  WA,  WC,  WD,  WF, WN, WR,  WS,  WV, YO.

Pallet / Crate Dimensions

If you do not know the size of the crates, we advise you to be vigilant when buying firewood crates. All of our 1.25m Flexi crates are a minimum of 1.25 m H x 1.16m W x 0.87m D. And all of our 2m crates are a minimum of 2.00 m H x 1.18m W x 0.88m D.

Customer Service

We are always happy to hear from you if with any enquiries. We can be reached either by email or telephone, and can guarantee that we will reply to all of our email queries within the same working day. 

About Product Reviews

Beware of false online product reviews. All Buy Firewood Direct reviews are 100% genuine and the buyer’s details can be provided to the relevant review fraud authorities upon request. Our review system is simple. We will send you a review reminder after your delivery, followed by a prompt for feedback. As with all regular goods purchased online, not everyone wants to give feedback. We reward everyone who does take this extra step and send a comment about their experience by entering them into our lucky dip, with the winner getting free firewood delivered to their home. What do we do with bad or negative comments? They are normally raised in an email format first of all and then dealt with by our senior team, who will seek to resolve any problems in order to maintain a positive, long-term relationship between the seller and buyer.


Stock availability

We are able to maintain our stock levels throughout the year thanks to our large hardwood production plant, which is capable of producing more than 800m 3 of firewood per month throughout the year.



As a loyal customer, you will become a major part of our success by receiving reward points for your purchases. You will receive either 3 or 5 points for each purchase, depending on the value of your purchase, and can convert your points into a discount at any time when you repeat the purchase. To do this, simply log into your account, go to your order history and select ‘reorder’. Your saved point will be added to the cart as a discount.



All of the products listed are inclusive of delivery to most UK postcodes and 5% VAT. See our Delivery page for more information. For delivery process & sample video, click here.


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