If you are thinking about buying firewood in bulk, then here at Buy Firewood Direct you have great options to select form.

To start with, you have option to buy Large Crate Kiln Dried Logs in ash, birch or mixed hardwoods, or Bagged 80 Nets option if you prefer netted firewood.

Buying our largest crates means you are getting wood fuel at the cheapest price possible.

The economy is achieved based on the following factors

  • Largest crates domestic UK delivery charges in comparison to Standard or Flexi crates are very similar, meaning cubic meter of wood UK delivery costs will be cheaper for largest crate.
  • Volume of dried wood stacked on our largest crates in comparison to standard or flexi crates are much greater. So buying in bulk means you or seller pays less delivery freight per cubic meter than for smaller crates.
  • Less packaging wood per m3. Packaging wood used for crate might look unimportant at the first glance, but  still –  for larger crate packaging cost part per m3 is lesser than for the Standard or Flexi crates.

Buy Firewood Direct offers best deals on bulk firewood

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I hope that this will provide sufficient explanation about buying firewood in bulk and why the sellers able offer cheaper price per cubic compared to other offers.

Buying Firewood In Bulk Buy Firewood Direct

Kiln Dried Mixed Hardwood Logs – Large Crate