You should always opt for high-quality burning logs to maintain your chimney in good condition, ensure the safety of your household, and benefit from the best burning qualities possible. Unfortunately, it is a challenge to find a reputable local firewood supplier. The truth is that smaller companies tend to offer inexpensive seasoned firewood or imported logs of questionable quality. If you don’t wish to settle for middling tinder, order log delivery from Buy Firewood Direct, one of the largest UK-based kiln dried log manufacturers. We guarantee that our woodfuel is made of hardwood species and ready to burn immediately.

Nationwide Log Delivery – Buy Firewood Delivered

Here At Buy Firewood Direct Ltd We Deliver Three Crate Sizes

We understand that every home and business owner has different firewood needs. That’s why, in addition to offering four firewood species (oak, birch, ash, and mixed), we pack them into three types of crates.

A standard crate is the best option if you have limited storing space or use your wood-burning stove from time to time. Our smallest size crates accommodate about 1.20 m x 0.95 m x 0.95 m of loose wood.

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly and long-lasting hardwood stock, out flexi crates will do nicely. They feature a cheaper price per cubic meter than small-size batches and take up less storing space than large pallets. One medium-size crate fits about two builders bags of loose firewood.

You can accommodate even more logs in your basement, garage, or log store? Then why not opt for a large firewood crate? It will save you from the hassle of buying a new small crate as you run out of the previous supply and all the associated nuisances (unpacking, moving logs around for storing, etc.). On top of that, this is the cheapest option per cubic meter. One large crate is approximately three builders bags of loose firewood (thus, you will get three times more wood than with a standard crate).

Besides that, we offer bagged kiln dried firewood in 40 and 80 nets – this is an excellent option for retailers and those who consume firewood in small quantities.

Regardless of the option you choose, all the crates and pallets are made of wood – you can burn them in your stove when you use up your stock. All the logs we supply are cut into 25 cm pieces, which makes them suitable for 98% of wood-burning stoves in the UK.

Log Delivery Process

As soon as you place your order, we set the wheels in motion to ensure you get your firewood as soon as possible. If you make a purchase before noon, we send your crates to the nearest delivery office the same day. More often than not, your parcel will arrive at your destination on the third day after dispatch. For example, if you buy from us on Monday before 13:00, log delivery will be completed on Wednesday. Should you make a purchase after 13:00, you can expect your shipment to arrive on Thursday.

When we hand over your crates to a delivery company, you will get a tracking number to monitor the delivery status.

We deliver our products via Palletways meanings you can get your order in every city, town, or village in the UK, from Adur to York and everywhere in between.

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Everything You Need to Know About Log Delivery

A driver will contact you the same day when your order should be delivered to the specified address. If you are off site when a van arrives, a driver will leave your pallets on the kerbside whenever possible. However, if it is not safe to unload them or leave unintended, a driver will take them back to the distribution warehouse. You can pick up your crates from there or arrange a re-delivery but please keep in mind that it will cost extra £40 pet crate plus surcharges.

You should also make sure that your property and roads leading to it are suitable for log delivery. Pallets are transported via a van of at least 3 m in width and 5 m in height (10’ x 17’) so access roads and the driveway must be appropriate for freight vehicle passage. If a road features insufficient clearance, inadequate pavement (grass, for instance), your property is located on a slope, or there is something that blocks access, it will be impossible to complete delivery.

Why Purchase Logs from Buy Firewood Direct

Being established in 2014, Buy Firewood Direct has soon become one of the largest burning wood suppliers in the UK. While other companies rely on inexpensive but mediocre in quality seasoned wood, we offer optimally dry, dense, and ready-to-burn kiln dried firewood. Not only do we sell but also produce logs in-house. We manage every step of manufacturing operations ranging from harvesting to kiln drying. As a result, we can select the best timber for baking and then fully control the drying process to achieve the desired moisture content of less than 20%. On top of that, we stick to the policies of sustainability and ethical standards of production, as well as we work in close cooperation with the UK forestries. When purchasing our products, you can be sure they are safe and environmentally-friendly.

So, whenever you need first-class ideally dry firewood (Certified by Woodsure), you can count on Buy Firewood Direct. There are a few reasons to choose us as your reliable hardwood log supplier:

– we served more than 20000 UK firewood consumers;
– more than 75% of our first-time clients start buying from us regularly;
– the majority of log deliveries are carried out on the third day after placing an order;
– we offer a wide selection of hardwood logs including oak, ash, birch species, as well as mixed firewood;
– all our firewood products come palletized for easy shipment and storing;
– you can choose between three crate sizes (standard, flexi, and large) and two net sizes (40 and 80 nets);
– make use of our loyalty program and save from £2 to £5 per crate.

We are a UK-based company with warehouses located in West Midlands but we’ll deliver your logs wherever you live. Let us serve your fuelwood needs and we promise you won’t be disappointed.