The month of May is the perfect time to start doing those outside jobs that you have put off over the winter months. This includes cleaning the outside of your house, scraping up those last few leaves, clearing away the dead plants and trimming the trees and bushes in your garden. But we think that May is also the perfect month to improve your wood storage - so that when you have your next order of kiln dried logs delivered, you will have the perfect place for it. There are lots of ways that you can store your firewood, including in the garage or a standard shed. But there is nothing quite ..
Remember back in December when you and your loved one sat curled up on the sofa in front of the fire? Remember how romantic and cosy it was and how you wished you could spend every night of the year enjoy the flickering flames and the gentle warmth? Well even when the weather is warm it is still possible to get those log fires burning and have a romantic night out instead of in. A fire pit is the perfect way to enjoy your supply of kiln dried logs in your garden as the sun goes down, rather than sweltering indoors. A fire pit can be bought as stand alone unit of large metal dishes that sit ..
It is one of those family milestones that comes around every year in the early Summer or late spring - the first BBQ in June. The weather is reliably warm, the rain might have given up (for a while at least) and everyone is desperate for charred sausages, juicy burgers and a crisp lettuce salad. Kiln dried logs might not seem like the perfect accompaniment - but read on to find out why they could make all the difference. Those of us who choose not to use a gas BBQ, do so because we like the smell and flavour that comes from a proper flame BBQ. That flavour can be enhanced even further by ch..
With Summer finally knocking at the door we thought it would be a great time to point out that there’s no need to pile your kiln dried logs in the shed until Autumn comes around. Spring time is perfect for getting use out of your logs in a variety of ways. We all know that Spring is the ideal time for getting the garden looking at its best ready for those BBQs. As soon as the first warm weekend hits we will be firing up the grill and cooking some bangers. Have you ever thought of using your kiln dried logs in your BBQ instead of the usual coals? Not only will they last longer - but they wil..
April showers - still need those fire logs
We are waking up each morning and seeing the sun and enjoying the longer days, but Spring can still have the odd chilly day. When those April showers hit, you will certainly know that Summer isn’t quite here yet. So even though your fireplace or log burner may not be in daily use - there might be the occasional time that you decide it deserves to be lit. When you do choose to light your fire in April, you will want to be sure that you are burning the safest and most environmentally friendly wood you can find. Our kiln dried logs are perfect for giving you that peace of mind. Not only are th..
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Lucky Draw August 2016
Who is participating? All product reviews posted between 15.07.2016 – 31.07.2016. Lucky order ID will be selected by Random Picker – to find out more click on https://www.randompicker.com/Default.aspx on the 01.08.2016. Participated order ID’s  and the winning order will be posted on this page on the 1.08.2016. Following order ID's participated: 2018, 3626, 4636, 3031, 5145, 5145, 3987, 5448, 1615, 1751, 5494, 5500, 1570, 5464, 5434, 5522, 4573. Project Results: Winner ID: 362..
Kiln Dried Logs in May
With Summer finally knocking at the door we thought it would be a great time to point out that there’s no need to pile your kiln dried logs in the shed until Autumn comes around. Spring time is perfect for getting use out of your logs in a variety of ways. We all know that Spring is the ideal time for getting the garden looking at its best ready for those BBQs. As soon as the first warm weekend hits we will be firing up the grill and cooking some bangers. Have you ever thought of using your kiln dried logs in your BBQ instead of the usual coals? Not only will they last longer - but they wil..
Kiln Dried Logs - Summer Festive Deliveries
All our kiln dried firewood is ready in stock for as fast as 48h UK Nationwide delivery. Free delivery to most UK postcodes comes with fantastic value money for dried logs. Buy Firewood Direct stocks greatest UK assortment variety of dried firewood.   Check out our free firewood delivery page here.   ..
Kiln Dried logs in Nets – Summer Specials
Planning for camping or BBQ or just simple outdoor cocking...Buy Firewood Direct offers widest range of dried hardwood logs in nets. We produce and stock both 40 & 80 bag pallets, nets are fully packed with quality kiln dried logs, perfect for handling & transportation. Quick links for product detail pages: 40 nets Ash Logs 80 nets Ash Logs 40 nets Birch Logs 80 nets Birch Logs 40 nets Mixed Hardwoo Logs 80 Nets Mixed Hardwood Logs   ..
Win Free Firewood Crate - Easter 2016
2016.20.03 Project name: Buy Firewood Direct - Easter Draw 2016 Organizer: Buy Firewood Direct Limited; Suit 301 Lester House; Bury; United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland   Draw date: 20/03/2016 07:51:51 (GMT) Greenwich Mean Time : Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London Terms and conditions: Customer reviews entered between 01.01.2016 - 18.03.2016 Prize(s): Order Number Prize 1st prize 2x Firewood Crate + Free Delivery ..
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Buy Firewood Direct- Christmas Draw 2015
We give you chance to win free kiln dried firewood Flexi crate delivered to your home. All purchases made this year by 20.12. 2015 participate. Winner’s order number will be picked randomly by the system and listed in this page following day, 21.12.2015.  Email notification to all newsletter subscribers will be sent to confirm the lucky winner. Added on 21.12.2015. Winning  order number (ID) is 1581, Derek Brown, Surrey Have you left your product reviews? By doing this you participate in another draw where you can win another kiln dried Flexi firewood crate delivered to yo..
Prioritizing Safety in Using Firewood
It makes a huge difference to give out useful information about using firewood so that a mutual relationship is being developed between consumers and suppliers. This being said, here are important safety tips that should remind each firewood user so that accidents are being avoided at all times.  1.    The most important part of the body that should be protected when handling firewood is the skin. The skin is prone to many injuries like accidental burning and it is not until it is compromised that one gets to understand its importance. To avoid damaging the skin, it is r..
Choosing Kiln Dried Firewood Over Others
When it comes to shopping for a great firewood perfect for your home, consider having kiln dried firewood as there are plenty of reasons to have it instead of any other kinds of firewood.  What is Kiln Drying? The process of kiln drying starts with choosing a green wood or a freshly cut wood. Instead of naturally waiting to have it air- dried, which would take years by the way, the wood is being stacked neatly unto specialized metal cages. Once it is securely piled on a cage, it is then placed in a kiln or a very big oven. The kiln forces water out from the wood using a sustained ai..
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When the temperature drops and you feel like snuggling next to the fireplace, its best to stay warm but also safe from any impending disaster. A fireplace may be great to heat the place up but it does come with the dangers of having a fire burning inside the house. Whatever it takes, you must see to it that you follow methods of avoiding unwanted fire incidents from burning friewood.  Keep Firewood Where it should be Having a healthy supply of firewood is great given that it will be too cold outside to look for and cut up some for immediate use. However, we all know that firewood is..
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Firewood vs Nesting Ants: What to Do
Storing firewood is very convenient. Its best to have a small area in the backyard where firewood can be kept, ready for the cold months. However, most would complain about black ants that make the firewood their home. How should you deal with this?   Ants are Actually a Big Help Unbeknownst to many, having ants nesting on the pile of firewood is actually more helpful than a nuisance. Ants are the natural archenemies of termites, those little pests that like to eat stored firewood. So if your pile has ants on them, you know that you do not have to worry about termites, good news! ..
Unless you are regularly chopping up trees for firewood, you most probably want to have a handful on the ready every time the house needs a little warming up especially during the cold months. And what’s more, buying by bulk is much cheaper especially firewood stacked in crates thus easier to stow somewhere. The only problem is that not all households have the space to keep large amounts of firewood in a convenient location.  To solve this problem at an affordable budget, you can create your very own firewood shed. This is a simple woodworking project which will let you keep a healthy ..
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Guide to Shopping for the Best Firewood
Cutting and splitting wood intended to heat a home is both time consuming and hard work. To combat this there is now commercial ready firewood readily available for ease of use. As there are several firewood distributors, its important to have a good understanding on the different factors that make up great firewood. Check for Moisture Content Be aware that a high level of moisture in the firewood would need more power for heat production because most energy is spent on evaporating the extra fluid. This means that the right amount of moisture matters a lot as the wood burns better, produ..
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There is nothing like a perfect, warm, and cozy fire burning in the fireplace when the weather outside seems to be freezing cold. And with cups of cocoa and coffee and stories to tell, everyone is sure to enjoy each other's company. Keeping the fire going is not that difficult, as long as you have enough firewood to fuel it. Firewood should be kept dry so as to burn well. To make your firewood lasts longer, having an outdoor firewood rack is a necessity. Simply put, an outdoor firewood rack is a storage device where you can store your wood, whether you are using the wood for the fireplace, or..
All you need to know about firewood
The firewood quality that you use will tremendously have an effect on the performance of your system. The main variables you ought to be worried about are wetness, piece size and tree species. Firewood can have terrific impact on how properly your system works and how pleasant your adventure will be. High quality, properly dried firewood will assist your fireplace or wood stove burn better and more properly, while wet wood or green could potentially cause smoking complications, odor complications, and swift creosote accumulation and perhaps even risky chimney fires. Firewood that is mois..
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Log storage
Log storage  We are not selling log stores, but we can recommend some of the online stores that stock them. We hope these links are useful.  http://www.buyshedsdirect.co.uk/garden-storage/log-stores/ http://www.gardensite.co.uk/Log_and_Wood_Stores/ http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/7133509.htm http://www.forestgarden.co.uk/shop_product_recommended.asp?product=Wall%20Log%20Store http://budget-log-stores.co.uk/index.htm http://gardentrellisdirect.co.uk/section.php/25/1/stores___covers  http://charmedwood.co.uk/log-stores.php http://www.gardenbuildingsdi..
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Easter Lucky Draw 2015
Easter Lucky Draw Each order ID who leaves a product review online will be entered into our lucky draw. So post your product review online and participate in our next lucky draw, which is due to take place in the Easter holidays. You can win a pallet of firewood simply by leaving your comments online! ..
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Update on Loyalty points We offer loyalty points on all of our purchases, giving you either £3 or £5 worth of points, depending on which product you chose. From 01.01.2015 there is no more need to wait till you get 20 points to the exchange to a £20,- voucher.  You can now  use your reward points by simply login in to your account, go to purchased good history, and  click on  ‘re- order ‘. Feel free to post your comments and recommendations. ..
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Utilising empty crates
Firewood Crates - Perfect for Kindling If you are thinking of what to do with the empty crates of packaging, our packaging crates are made from softwood boards that are cut to size and can be easily used as kindling. To make the kindling simply remove the boards from the packaging, cut to shorter pieces and split the board into smaller pieces. Our crates contain 8 vertical boards, 2 diogonal and 6 horizontal slats - decent volume of kindling can be made. Where do you use our crates, tell us! ..
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Kiln Dried Firewood vs Seasoned Firewood
Kiln Dried Firewood vs Regular Seasoned Firewood Those who already buy kiln dried logs know about the benefits of using kiln dried hardwood logs. Here is a quick summary of the advantages of kiln dried hardwood firewood: •    It is more dense than softwood and so burns slower •    It has greater heat output than seasoned hardwood •    It has much better fuel efficiency •    Stove and flue problems are reduced to a minimum when you use kiln dried hardwood logs •    It is more economical Stacked vs Loose equati..
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Stacked vs Loose
Stacked Firewood Crates vs Loose Logs Stacked and palletised goods are ideal for warehousing, therefore handling and delivery can be offered at better rates. We have created comparison animation to help our customers learn the benefits of buying firewood in stacked crates. Please tell us your story. We’d be very interested to know what are the pros and cons buying stacked crates for you? Also, how confident are you when comparing prices online, from and to loose m3? ..
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Product Range, Recommendations
Firewood products We are offering our stacked  firewood in 3 size crates: 0.8m,  1.25m  and 2m crates. Firewood in bags are offered in 40 and 80 bag pallet. We are currently producing and stocking for prompt shipments premium kiln dried mixed hardwoods, kiln dried birch or kiln dried ash firewood logs. Is there anything else that you wish to see in our product range? Feel free to post your comments here. To see our current product page, click here. ..
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Firewood Deliveries
Firewood Delivery - Your feedback All of our home deliveries are handled mainly by Palletways and in some occasions deliveries are done by their partners, therefore your feedback about the delivery service is very important to us. How was your recent delivery? To help us to improve our services and those of our partners, feel free to post your comments here. For our standard terms delivery and conditions click here. ..
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Firewood Facts
Firewood Specification Origin: Imported Crate sizes: Our 1.25m crates have external dimensions a minimum of  of 1.25 h x 1.16 w  x 0.83 d.  The external dimensions of our 2m crates are a minimum of 2m h x 1.16 w x 0.83 d Logs: 25cm (tolerance on lengths +/- 10%) Log Dia: 8-15cm  Moisture: average 18-20% Flexi 1.25m crates  minimum of 1.6 Cu m loose volume / bulk volume XXL 2m crates:   minimum of 2.8 Cu m loose volume / bulk volume For more details please visit our product page. Please note that crates volume ca..
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Buy Firewood Direct - Lucky Draws
Buy Firewood Direct- Lucky Draw Easter 2015 - Win Pallet of Kiln Dried Firewood Logs! This is our second lucky draw, again many thanks  to everyone who shared couple minutes and  entered product comments online. Your feedback is very important to us, so please keep posting comments you have either if this is regarding our products  we sell, or the recent delivery experience you had.  Winner was picked by https://www.randompicker.com, project ID (id:171837x99759), details available foor public online. Link to draw https://www.randompicker.com/pro..
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Buy Firewood Direct Animated Promo Video V1
This is an animated promo video from Buy Firewood Direct.  ..
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