FAQ - Buy Firewood Direct Ltd

1. I just purchased one of your crates. When will I get my tracking ID?

We will send your tracking ID in text sms format to your mobile phone number as soon as your pallet is dispatched and ID assigned. 

2. What moisture content are your logs?

As with all kiln dried logs, the moisture content from Buy Firewood Direct logs can vary, depending on what part of the log the moisture reading is taken from. We can confirm that the external moisture content for our kiln dried logs is 8-20%, while average sized logs internal moisture content can be in region from 16-24%. 

3. What are delivery options and how long do I have to wait for your delivery?

If you are within free delivery zone, in the checkout you will be prompted to select one of 2 delivery options: ‘Economy 2-4 days’ or Guaranteed Delivery Day. Economy delivery is between 2-4 working days with rare exceptions. See full details in delivery page. Guaranteed Delivery Day is our premium delivery option where we guarantee your chosen delivery day. In the checkout You will be prompted to enter desired delivery date.

4. Where you delivering free of charge? - See our free delivery postcodes below.

AL, B,  BA,  BB,  BD,  BH,  BL,  BN,  BR,  BS,  CA,  CB, CF,  CH,  CM,  CO,  CR,  CT,  CV, CW,  DA, DE,  DH,  DL,  DN,  DY,  E, EC,  EH1-EH21, EH27-EH30,  EH47-EH55,  EN,  EX,  FY, G,  GL,  GU,  HA,  HD,  HG,  HP,  HR,  HU,  HX,  IG,  IP,  KA1,  KA11-KA12, ML1-ML9, KA3, KT,  L, LA,  LE, LD,LL11-LL14, LL15-LL36. LL40-LL41, LL57,  LN,  LS,  LU,  ME,  MK,  N,  NE, NG,  NN,  NP,  NR,  NW,  OL , OX,  PA1-PA19,  PE, PL1-PL13, PL16-PL21,  PO,  PR,  RG,  RH,  RM,  S,  SA,  SE,  SG,  SK,  SL,  SM,  SN,  SP,  SO,  SR,  SS,  ST,  SW, SY,  TA,  TD12,  TD15,  TF,  TN,  TS,  TQ,  TW, UB, W,  WA,  WC,  WD,  WF, WN, WR,  WS,  WV, YO.

5. Do I have to be at home during the delivery?

No. You can have your crate delivered without a signature. Just write in the checkout box (comment  box) that you accept such a delivery. The driver will place your crate in a safe area, as close to your doorway as possible. Note that all our deliveries are treated as kerb side and only under drivers discretion pallets are moved in your selected area.

6. What if I’m not available to accept delivery?

Before making your purchase online, you can accept delivery without a signature simply by entering comments in the checkout. Note that all our Palletways deliveries are kerb side only, and it is up to the driver’s discretion whether to place the pallet elsewhere. 

If you haven't chosen the 'delivery without signature' option and aren’t going to be available or at home when the delivery takes place, and won’t be able to answer the phone, someone else will need to sign for delivery. If there is nobody available to accept and sign for delivery, we will take the firewood back to your local depot. Please note that re-delivery will incur an extra administration charge of £35.00.

7. Can I pay for pallet now and specify the delivery date?

Yes, you can. Just let us know by posting details in our ‘comment box’ when placing your order online. We will hold the dispatch so that it meets your delivery date.

8. VAT: 5% or 20%

Buy Firewood Direct Limited has kiln dried hardwood firewood for sale with 5% VAT and with 20% VAT as HMRC applies different VAT rates depending on the purpose of the purchase.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to choose the product with the correct VAT rate that applies to them. As a guide, the reduced 5% VAT rate applies to firewood bought for domestic fuel use, for the rest the standard 20% VAT rate applies.

All current pricing on “Buy Firewood Direct” website is including 5% VAT.For firewood purchases with 20% VAT, please call or email us.
For your information, please click here for the link to HMRC's website that explains this VAT legislation.


9. There are many retailers selling firewood; why should I consider buying from you?

We offer top quality & value for money kiln dried firewood hardwood logs for retail and trades. We are managing all processes from production to actual production & quality control therefore fully able to commit on quality, pricing and service.

10. How do I compare firewood prices? How do I work out the volume from stacked to loose(bulg bag)?

There are 3 units of measurement for the split firewood logs. These are stacked m3, bulk m3 and solid m3. The most commonly used in the UK market at the moment are the first two. According to AEBIOM, to get bulk or loose m3 you have to multiply the crates fully stacked internal volume by 1.72. For example, our 1.25 Flexi stacked crate equates to minimum of 1.72 Cu m bulk  / loose volume  and our 2m XXL stacked crates equates to a minimum of 2.98 Cu m bulk / loose volume. Note that there are great variation between crates internal and external dimension. All our conversions to loose volume are made from crates internal dimensions that represents pure stacked wood volume converted into bulk bag  / loose volume.

11. Still not sure?

All our kiln dried hardwood firewood comes from our own production site and sourced responsibly. Our hardwood crates are green top covered, stands out from the markets regular un-branded crates,  our crates are 4 side cling filmed wrapped and FSC marked therefore giving you peace of mind of your purchase quality standards.