How to choose right size crate and appropriate kiln dried hardwood logs for my wood burner?

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Buying kiln dried hardwood logs for your wood burner can be a tedious and often complicated task. For the majority of homeowners, a wood burner or wood-burning stove is easily among the most sought after features in a home, and naturally, everyone wants the best quality firewood. But how do you find the right size crate or the appropriate kiln dried hardwood logs for your wood burner?

We talk about just that in this article, so sit back and relax, grab some coffee and enjoy the read!
Choosing the right kiln dried hardwood logs
It’s probably fair to say that there’s nothing worse than ordering kiln dried hardwood logs tipped from a tailor and finding that after delivery, you have wet and high moisture content wood which doesn’t burn very effectively.
Two of the most significant factors affecting the log burn time and the heat they generate is wood density and moisture content. An easy way to avoid the above scenario to begin with, is to find a premium quality source of kiln dried hardwood logs for sale – and for this, the Kiln Dried Mixed Hardwoods, Kiln Dried Ash, Oak & Kiln Dried Birch variety of hardwoods is best.
It’s also important to understand this basic rule of thumb from the outset: the lower the moisture content in your logs, the less water you’ll need to boil away (via steam) before heat is generated. For this purpose, dry hardwood logs are beyond perfect for wood burners because Ash, Oak, Birch are noticeably denser than other kinds of hardwoods. They burn a lot longer, so we always recommend these two varieties of kiln dried hardwood logs.
Another noteworthy factor which comes into play is that kiln dried hardwood logs dried to 20% or higher tend to generate twice as much heat, compared to fully or partially seasoned logs. Not only that, but over time, burning logs with high moisture content can cause a fair amount of damage to your wood burning and flue lining, slowly making them more and more inefficient at burning logs.
All the mixed, oak, birch and ash kiln dried hardwood logs available with us boast a low moisture content of average 8-20% – as a result, they burn hotter, more efficiently and last longer as well.

Choosing the right size crate
Which logs? For someone new to kiln dried hardwood logs, it can be confusing as first to decide how much you’ll need. This pretty much depends on how you’re going to use your wood burning stove. For instance, evening only and weekend use might require a small crate or barrow bags. With that said, you’re the best person to decide which size crate to buy, as the amount of daily use can greatly vary between each user.
However, do keep in mind that kiln dried hardwood logs typically do not require the same quantity as regular logs, as they burn a lot hotter and get your fire started a lot faster too.
For more frequent use, therefore, we’d recommend going for our larger crate sizes. With that said, take certain factors into account when choosing crate sizes, such as:

• The size of your wood burner
• The size of your room
• The ambient warmth inside that room
• The room’s overall insulation
• How hot you want your burner to be
• How long you need to keep it burning

And that covers it! Go ahead and select your crate size – let us know if you have any questions. We’d be happy to assist you.