How to cut costs sourcing kiln dried logs ?


How to cut costs sourcing kiln dried logs

Buying kiln dried logs may feel expensive, but it’s likely that it looks that way because you’re purchasing the logs as and when you need them. Small quantities, from supermarkets or your local DIY store, are going to be pricier than the alternative sources out there.

What are kiln dried logs?
Any wood that is kiln dried is wood that has experienced the drying process using a commercial kiln. This process can take around four to six days, which may seem like a lot of effort to try out wood, but kiln dried wooden logs benefit from reduced moisture content. This means that when you burn them, they burn cleaner and hotter than other logs that aren’t kiln dried.
A kiln is an oven or furnace that is used for many reasons. They are typically found in pottery workshops or used in glassblowing. They can also be used to burn, bake, and dry a number of materials – including wood.
Best uses for kiln dried logs
You may be wondering why you should go out of your way to buy kiln dried wooden logs rather than just using any old wood or kindle that you have lying around. Well, with their superior clean burn, your kiln dried logs are more suitable for a number of situations.
Campfires, for one, are probably the most common reason that kiln dried logs are purchased. When your campfire is surrounded by people of all ages, the last thing you want is thick, black smoke constantly drifting into everyone’s faces, carried by the gusts of wind in the night. With kiln dried logs, your fire won’t produce that awful smoke and ash combination that you may have noticed with make-shift fires that use any old wood.
Pizza ovens also benefit from kiln dried logs. Imagine if you’d used other logs that weren’t treated like kiln dried logs are. There’s smoky flavour, and then there’s smoke. Pizza created in wood fired pizza ovens have a lot of extra effort put in, why ruin that with untreated logs?
Fire pits, outdoor cooking set-ups, and plenty of other bits of equipment would benefit from the humble kiln dried log. A good rule of thumb is this: If it requires burning wood, why aren’t you using the kiln dried variant?

Where to buy kiln dried logs
In the UK, buying kiln dried logs isn’t a hardship. B&Q carries them, and some supermarkets may have a small stock. When you’re buying your logs like this, expect to pay higher prices for a lesser number of logs. This is where fire pit and pizza oven owners go wrong. These places are great for an emergency supply, but if you’re planning on spending a lot of time with your log-burning outdoor equipment during the get-together months of the year, buying in bulk will save you some cash in the long run.

Ordering kiln dried logs online.
Amazon is also somewhere that you can pick up kiln dried logs from, but you’ll be paying premium prices that sellers or Amazon set to cover the costs of the listing, shipping, and packaging those logs.
Instead, consider buying them from direct firewood sellers like buyfirewooddirect. Buyfirewooddirect has been stocking and delivering kiln dried wooden logs for a number of years; starting back in 2014 and delivering to all of England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland.
Buyfirewooddirect sells kiln dried logs in bags, nets, crates, and even in pallets! You can purchase kiln dried birch, ash, or oak logs, or go wild with a nice hardwood mix set of kiln dried logs.

How to make your purchase more affordable?
When you’re buying your kiln dried logs, you may not think that buying in bulk is the best idea for you but let us break down the cost and show you why it is.
Buyfirewooddirect’s best selling produce is a full crate of mixed hardwood kiln dried logs. This affordable crate is 550kg of wooden logs, with a maximum of 4% of that being brash (bark and small pieces of wood). At the time of writing, when not on sale, this crate is around £259. That works out at £0.47 per kilogram of wood.
A quick look online for a in-store comparison will show you another brand of hardwood kiln dried logs that you can buy from B&Q. These are 20kg and cost £15, which is £0.75 per kilogram.
But you don’t need to buy a huge crate to get a good deal! Even the smallest crate through buyfirewooddirect works out at £0.55 per kilogram of kiln dried hardwood logs.