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The Kiln Dried Hardwood Difference

When you light a fire, more often than not, you’re looking for a clean, long and hot burn, whether it’s to warm a room via an open fire, or give your guests tasty food at a BBQ.The best way to achieve.. Read More

Why Getting Your Kiln Dried Firewood  In Nets Really Makes Sense.

Ordering firewood from the internet in nets? Sounds like a match made in heaven, right? It really is for many of our customers because of the added convenience and less hassle that comes with getting .. Read More

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Kiln Drying – How Does It Work?

Why We Always Recommend Kiln Dried WoodBecause of their low moisture content (less than 20%), kiln dried firewood logs are best because they are:• Lighter, so easier to transport• Quick to light• Long.. Read More

Hardwood Or Softwood? Which Should You Choose?

To the untrained eye, one type of firewood might look much the same as the next. However, as we’re taking the trouble to write a blog post about the matter, you’re probably already suspecting that act.. Read More

Why Sustainable Forestry Is So Important To Us (And You)?

Sustainability is definitely one of the big watchwords of the 21st Century and is an issue that’s especially relevant in our line of work, in particular the importance of Sustainable Forest Management.. Read More

Birch or Ash - which hardwood is best for you?

Let’s take a look at why these two hardwood types are popular with consumers across the UK, and give you some information to help you decide between the two... Read More

Which Kiln Dried Firewood Is Best For You?

There are plenty of different questions to answer when it comes to deciding the right amount of wood and the type of kiln dried firewood you need. And in this post, we outline the options and things t.. Read More

Choose Handy Kiln Dried Firewood Crates For Easy Delivery And Storage

A roaring fire at home is one of the most comforting pleasures of winter. But getting the firewood delivered, stacked and stored? That’s often not such a pleasant experience. Most times it arrives by .. Read More

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We delivery our firewood logs free to all London postcodes. .. Read More

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