June – BBQ season is finally upon us

Delicious smells are probably wafting from your next door neighbours dinner while you read this. If you love a good BBQ you probably can’t be doing with one of these new-fangled gas grills. That is just like a kitchen outside. What you want is a proper fire, with proper wood logs. This will let your inner caveman out until you have to put him away and head to work on Monday morning.

We recommend that you build a proper fire in your garden within a small fire pit or ring of bricks and use that to get that super delicious charring on your steaks. You can set up a cast iron grill to place over the hot logs once they have burned down and the heat will quickly cook everything from sausages to salmon. Of course take extra care to put out your fire properly once you are done enjoying the warmth well into the night.

The key is your choice of wood. If you choose our kiln dried firewood you will get a slow burning and low smoke log that will emit plenty of heat. The smell is also wonderful and will give your food that smoky flavour that you just can’t get with gas grills. Add some natural herbs to the smouldering embers and the smell will be better than your neighbour’s by far!