0.8M Crate Silver Birch

0.8M Crate Silver Birch

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0.8M Crate Silver Birch

Pallet External Dimensions 0.80 x 1.16 x 0.87 ( 2’6” x 3'10” x 2'10')
Pallet Internal Dimensions 0.74 x 1.12 x 0.83 / (2'5” x 3'8” x 2'8”)
Internal stacked volume 0.69 cubic meters (m3)
Equated to loose volume 1.17 cubic meters (m3)
Moisture content Kiln Dried Average 20% - Ready To Burn
Log Length 25cm (+/- 2cm) / 9.8” (+/- 1”) - fits most wood burning appliances
Weight  340 kg
Species Birch
Source FSC certified


​It won’t be long before you will be wanting to have a roaring fire burning in your home to heat it for the winter. So it is time to buy your wood in preparation for those shorter days. Our 0.8 Crate of Kiln Dried Birch Firewood Logs is ideal for keeping those chilly nights at bay and as a slow burning and long lasting wood this is the perfect option for you.

Birch is renowned as a great wood for homefires. While it can take a while to get burning, once it burns down to coals it remains hot for a very long time - giving you residual heat. This makes it perfect for when you want to heat your home throughout the day and even through the night. The wood also features its distinctive bark, making it an attractive wood to store in your home.

Our birch has been kiln dried to give it the longevity you deserve. This means that it has spent several hours in our kilns to the point where it could be up to 90% free of moisture. Wood that is bone dry like this will burn cleanly with little smoke and will not produce sparks that can ruin your fire. Additionally, this wood will burn longer than wetter woods.

Our wood is sustainably sourced and FSC certified. We want to ensure that you can trust that your kiln dried birch has come from forests that are carefully managed and where trees are replanted for future generations. Your wood will also be sourced from EU forests which have  some of the highest levels of sustainability in the world.

Your birch logs should be stored under cover or preferably in a garage or shed. They will come pre wrapped in plastic so that you can then transport them to their storage area. Each log is around 25 cm long, making it perfect for an open fire or a log burner. This uniform size also ensures that you get the most even burn time.

Our kiln dried birch logs in this size pallet are ideal for the long winter ahead and can even be used once Summer comes around for BBQs and pit fires. There is never a time when you don’t want a fire to keep you warm and toasty.

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