May – Getting the garden ready

Stacking Logs in Logstore

The month of May is the perfect time to start doing those outside jobs that you have put off over the winter months. This includes cleaning the outside of your house, scraping up those last few leaves, clearing away the dead plants and trimming the trees and bushes in your garden. But we think that May is also the perfect month to improve your wood storage – so that when you have your next order of kiln dried logs delivered, you will have the perfect place for it.

There are lots of ways that you can store your firewood, including in the garage or a standard shed. But there is nothing quite like having a specialist wood store that is designed exactly for the purpose of storing the amount of wood you usually have delivered. If stored carefully, you can always see exactly how much firewood you have left and you can place your next order in plenty of time.

An open – but covered store is a great way to keep your wood dry – but also to ensure the air moves freely around it, drying any moisture that does get into it. We spend a long time ensuring that your kiln dried wood is as free from moisture as possible and in some cases that can be as much as 90% free. So leaving it outside in the rain is really not an option.

A wood store usually has a roof and sides – but might be open to the front to give you easy access. You can work out how large to build your store by taking into account the size wood order you usually have. Our pallets come in various sizes and are measured in metres. All you need to do is make your store just a little bit larger to leave room for air to circulate.

You should build your store on firm ground or preferably on flagstones or a concrete base. If you put it up against the wall of your house you will find it is even easier to build – but do choose a wall that is away from the wind and rain. Standard materials from your DIY store will be perfect and you can even make it as fancy as you you wish to enhance your garden and your home.