Log Length

Buy Firewood Direct manufactured kiln dried logs are cut to 25CM ( 10”) ideal size for most wood burning stoves, appliances, open fires & catering including wood fired pizza stoves.

Low-cost Woodsure Accredited Wood Fuel

Our kiln dried wood is produced to offer you the very best results. The process of kiln drying involves the wood being passed through an extremely hot furnace designed to extract as much of the water from the wood as possible. Wood with a low moisture content will burn hotter and with less smoke than other wood types. Your kiln dried logs will produce less emissions, spark and crackle less and the logs will burn hotter and longer. All our kiln dried logs are Woodsure accredited.

Hardwood Options

We do mixed hardwoods, birch , ash and ash & oak. All hardwoods are excellent for fires of all types and when they have been kiln dried to a low moisture content you know that you can trust them.

Mixed hardwoods – include lower density hardwoods, normally up to 4 or 5 species.
Birch – great for modern stoves or if you prefer hotter burn
Ash or Ash & Oak – premium species, longer burn and higher heat output. Read here Why Kiln Dried Ash-Oak Logs are Perfect for Intensive Use


Which is the best Firewood Crate for you?

If you generally purchase your firewood in delivered loose bulk bags, it is recommended that you buy a Standard Crate. Our Standard Crates are the equivalent of more than two builders’ bags. Big savings can be made when you purchase our Standard Crates.

If you wish to spend a small amount extra to save even more money, then buy our Flexi Crates. They offer an even bigger saving as these crates are the equivalent to about 1.72 m3 in loose volume (approximately 3 builders’ bags).

Finally, if you wish to purchase kiln dry firewood in bulk, at the lowest possible market price, then choose our Large Crates, which are the equivalent of 2.5 m3 in loose volume (more than four delivered builders’ bags). Visit our firewood comparison page for further information.


Log Delivery

Free 48h delivery to most UK postcodes. 75% of our standard economy deliveries are completed within 48 hours after the day of dispatch.


10 Best Sellers

  1. Flexi Ash & Ash & Oak
  2. Flexi Mixed Hardwoods
  3. Flexi Birch
  4. Large Ash
  5. Large Mixed Hardwoods
  6. Large Birch
  7. Standard Ash
  8. Standard Mixed Hardwoods
  9. Standard Birch
  10. 80 Nets Birch

Further Advice

Read why choose kiln dried logs and burning your kiln dried logs safely links.

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