Kiln Dried Logs Wholesale

Buy Firewood Direct established in 2014 is a UK based company specialized in kiln dried logs, hardwood and firewood retail and wholesale.

Wholesale Kiln Dried Logs, Hardwood & Firewood

Price List For Full Container loads 45 HCPW deliveries (27.05.2020).

Delivery charges estimated to West Midlands, please email us with exact delivery address.

All our logs are cut to 25cm, kiln dried average below 20% MC ( most of the time 8-14 % MC) , Woodsure / HETAS approved.

Availability 1-2 weeks from confirmation. Prices are inclusive of delivery, based on West Midlands area. 

Wholesale crates ( birch or ash) external dimensions: 1.20m (h) x 1.14m(w) x 0.84m (d).

SpeciesOptionsFull containerPrice ( incl. Delivery)
Kiln Dried AshCrates56£107,00
Kiln Dried BirchCrates56£94,00
Kiln Dried Ash22L Nets / 10 kg4480£2.82
Kiln Dried Birch22L Nets / 9 kg4480£2.50
Kiln Dried Logs Wholesale Buy Firewood Direct