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Kiln Dried Firewood For Sale

Kiln Dried Logs

Whether it is for your winter fire, your Summer BBQ or even just for display purposes, firewood can feel like a huge subject. What to choose, what is best for your needs and how do you decide what is best to buy? Our selection of kiln dried logs offer you a huge selection of wood types and size loads that will meet all your needs - plus we can give you advice on what to buy too. 

We offer expertise

We have been selling kiln dried firewood for more than 10 years and during that time we have built a huge amount of experience and expertise in the production of the very best logs for home fires, wood burners, outdoor fires and more. We encourage you to contact us to ask our advice on any of our kiln dried log products to ensure you are buying the very best for your requirements and your budget.

The kiln drying process

Our kiln dried wood is produced to offer you the very best results. The process of kiln drying involves the wood being passed through an extremely hot furnace designed to extract as much of the water from the wood as possible. Wood with a low moisture content will burn hotter and with less smoke than other wood types. Your kiln dried logs will produce less emissions, spark and crackle less and the logs will burn hotter and longer.

Our products

You can buy your kiln dried logs in various sized crates including 0.8m, 1.25m and 2m crates - suitable for small homes and larger homes alike. If you want more flexibility we also sell crates of individually netted logs to make them extra easy to transport into your home. You can buy 80 or 40 nets depending on your needs. Then there are the wood types. We do mixed hardwoods, birch and ash. All our hardwood firewood sale options are excellent for fires of all types and when they have been kiln dried to a low moisture content you know that you can trust them. However you may prefer birch due to its longevity or ash for its extra heat. Just click through to find out about each of the kiln dried logs we sell and to get more information. Logs for sale UK are free delivered to most UK postcodes.

Kiln dried logs in nets

One of the most difficult parts of having an open fire or log burner is the storage and carrying of all that wood. Bringing it into the house can be difficult and sorting it into manageable amounts can be even worse. This is why our netted kiln dried logs are so popular with householders.

Our net options

Our kiln dried log nets come in two sizes - 80 nets or 40 nets. Each come delivered to you in a crate and pallet which is easy to access. All you need to do is take out one net as required and transport it directly into the house. One net of wood will be enough for at least one day or burning, making it easier than ever to move your wood to where you need it. If you are ordering the larger sized netted wood we recommend that you ensure you have a suitable place for it to be placed. You may also need to consider the approach to your home and if it will be suitable for our trucks. If you are at all worried about this, please contact us in advance.

The logs for sale in nets

We offer mixed hardwood logs, ash/oak and birch logs all conveniently tied into nets. Each one contains around 10 to 14 logs - more than enough for a day's use. The wood is kiln dried and therefore offers a low emissions burn and will give you a hotter and longer lasting fire. The nets are also perfect for if you want to stack your logs in the garage or shed. It is a breeze to move them from the crate and the uniform sized logs will easily stack into a small area. The flexibility you get from netted logs makes these ideal for home use and you will love how convenient these logs can be. We have been selling kiln dried wood for more than ten years and therefore have plenty of experience. If you would like to speak to one of our experts just give us a call and we can recommend that best wood products for your needs.

Crated and stacked kiln dried logs

All too often when you get firewood log delivery to your home it arrives in a loan off the back of a truck and you must spend time stacking it and moving it. If you order from us, you have the option of having your kiln dried firewood delivered in crates that can be placed almost anywhere you need them. All of our wood choices (birch, ash,oak and mixed hardwoods) are available in crates - you can even opt for one small crate of each so you can mix and match your wood.

We offer three main sizes of crates of our wood for your needs:

You can use the 0.8m size firewood crate for smaller uses such as the occasional fire over the winter, summer BBQ or firepits and for when you have smaller storage space - such as a garden shed. The 1.25m size firewood pallet is perfect for if you have your fire or log burner running everyday during the winter. This will supply you with enough to keep you going for most of the cooler months and is easily stored in most locations including your garage. You can easily top this up as required. The 2m size firewood crate crate is significantly larger and is great for higher use customers. If you have a fire in several rooms or you have the fire running all day, you may appreciate having a larger load of firewood. This is also ideal for pubs and other commercial premises. But you will need plenty of space both for storage and for delivery of this firewood crate. Our firewood crates are designed to be sturdy and flexible. Your wood is carefully stacked on a pallet and then surrounded by wood and a flexible plastic. You can then decide what you would like to do with your crate. We will deliver it to its final location or you can move the wood easily from the crate into your shed or storage area. The crates are also covered with plastic so they are protected from the elements. You should be aware that our larger crates are very heavy and as such you should ensure that they are able to be easily delivered. This means that the delivery area should be level and not on an incline. The truck may also have trouble getting over kerbs, so driveway access is important. If you have any concerns about this, just get in touch and we will discuss your circumstances. Our experts are waiting for you call regarding our kiln dried logs crates.

Comparing kiln dried firewood

When buying firewood for your fire, wood burner or BBQ you need to consider many important factors. These include how much storage space you have, how easy is it for a large truck to enter your premises, how many fires you have in your home, how often you light a fire, what your budget is and what type of fire you want. If this sound confusing, you may find our comparison chart helpful to work out what your needs are. From this page you can see all of our products in one place and then click through to each product for more information and to see how closely it meets your needs. You can also compare your wood choices in one easy spot making your purchase even easier to make.

We compare our firewood logs for sale based on a number of factors including the following:

● The wood type - mixed hardwood, birch or ash/oak 

● The size load

● The volume when stacked

● The price per cubic meter - so you can easily compare the prices across all products

● The log length

● The moisture content - the lower the moisture the better, longer and hotter the burn

● The amount you will get in loyalty points

● The availability

● The total price

We do ask that you take a few pointers into consideration before you make your choice:

● Note that wood products will vary - its a natural product after all, so not all specifications will be 100% accurate, but we do our very best to ensure your are getting what we specify within a 3% tolerance

● The 2m crates are very large and therefore we can only deliver to properties where access is ideal.

This means no inclines and good access from the road. Please call us to check if you are unsure.

● The net prices are worked out based on the internal volume using a coefficient of 1.7

● The kiln drying process is inexact so the moisture content may vary. But we do confirm that the external moisture content for kiln dried logs is 8-10% while the internal moisture rating might be 16-24%. Hopefully this has helped you to navigate our comparison page, but if you have any questions please do give one of our experts a call.