Kiln Dried Logs, Hardwood Firewood For Sale - Buy Firewood Direct

Kiln Dried Logs, Hardwood Firewood For Sale - Buy Firewood Direct

• Product knowledge & expertise – over 10 years of expertise in kiln dried hardwood firewood production, trading to the UK, Germany and Scandinavia
• Low moisture content quality kiln dried hardwood logs (Guaranteed Average 10-20% MC) in well packed & protected heavy duty crates
• The UK's largest range of kiln dried hardwood logs, suitable for all budgets and needs
• The best customer service with an advanced delivery notification system
• Attractive prices & greater discounts for bulk buyers
• Fast growing numbers of returning customers
• Join the increasing number of satisfied customers who use our service to have 
Winn Free Firewood delivered to their doors and you will be entered into our regular prize draw. We give away a great many crates three times a year by randomly picking winning order IDs – it’s our little treat to you from Buy Firewood Direct.

There’s something very special that emanates from wood burners and fireplaces. It’s an atmosphere of romance, intimacy and comforting warmth that can turn a house into a home. At Buy Firewood Direct we are passionate about being able to provide that special ambience direct to your door and pride ourselves in achieving this. We are both producers and suppliers of kiln dried firewood and deliver a hassle free service to clients across England, Scotland and Wales. We have stood out amongst our competitors for years due to our traditional production methods and gleaming customer service. Our firewood is produced and dried on-site to guarantee the highest levels of quality control. We offer the most affordable kiln dried mixed hardwoods in the UK, along with birch firewood and ash, because the logistics of this method costs much less for us than it does for our competitors. 


Buy Firewood Direct has thrived in the market for over 10 years and become renowned for supplying the best kiln dried firewood for residential fireplaces in an ethical and environmental manner. By following German and Scandinavian standards of production, we preserve the quality of the wood against severe winters. Our wood is always carefully prepared and resourced, and so it is ideal for home fireplaces and wood burners. Our wood also has a lower rate of carbon emissions by following the Northern standards of production, so that you can be assured of the best quality.


Buy Firewood Direct is a company with a huge future in the UK. Our production plant produces wood products that are designed for UK customers. We provide a commitment to the sustainability of our product, the ability to supply direct to customers at low prices and a thorough knowledge of this industry. We fully believe that you will never regret choosing us for your firewood needs.


Unlike other retailers who import wood from multiple producers, we produce our own products. This starts with the forestry and log supply and finishes with the oven drying cycle (kiln drying). We can guarantee that all of our produced hardwood logs are kiln dried to below 20% on average, which means they meet the highest recognised standards in the UK, Germany and Scandinavia.


Buy Firewood Direct can guarantee you that all of our log supply is responsibly sourced from private and state forests.


Most of our orders are delivered within 2-3 working days if you place your order with all of the relevant instructions. Unlike other companies that offer a 2 to 10 business day service and sell from another supplier, we dispatch our own goods from our own stocks, either on the same working day or the following one. You don’t have to worry about the distance either, as we can transport our crates up to 400 miles within 2-3 days. Click here to see how our Palletways home delivery works.