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Affordable, ready to burn wood fuel direct from the manufacturer

We are offering kiln dried mixed hardwood logs, birch, ash, and oak in neatly hand-stacked crates and nets.

We are UK trading office based in Manchester trading on behalf of the long-established sawmill operating since 1998 offering various kinds of hardwood firewood products, packaging material, ready-made pallets, furniture components, sauna boards & cladding.

With automated kilns, an experienced production team and quality control at every stage, we have all the vital elements required to provide you with the highest quality of consistently dried hardwood logs.

We have 3 automated and semi-automated kilns and personnel in charge taking care of production with more than 15 years of experience. We record the moisture content of each batch before the kiln drying cycle, as per the standard procedures. This is required to set up the correct cycle lengths that are required to achieve consistent moisture content throughout the whole batch. After the kiln cycle, tests are carried out for the purposes of quality assurance and quality control, which are then repeated before the goods are transported.

Loyalty reward after each order

Since our UK company was established in 2014, we have rewarded each order by automatically giving customers up to £5 against their next purchase. We believe that every little helps. Some might think that this is a marketing trick, but if you inspect our pricing carefully, you will realise it is an extra bonus for the customer, which is provided on top of our very competitive prices.

Our hardwood logs are Woodsure accredited

We follow the very best practice and ensure that all our kiln dried hardwood logs are certified on average at below 20% moisture by Woodsure, the UK’s only wood fuel certification scheme. This division of HETAS is responsible for ensuring consumer safety and awareness within the wood fuel industry.

About our hardwood species

We process mixed hardwoods in our mill, including up to three lower density hardwoods, birch, ash and oak.

Here are our guidelines to help you choose the best hardwoods for your stove, starting with the densest species. Please note that it’s important to manually adjust your wood burner’s airflow to achieve maximum output when you are burning wood fuel.

  • Oak – we recommend this if you are an intensive user who requires a longer burn, as it will help you to start and maintain a fire with a very high heat output and slow burn. Oak is perfect when it is mixed with other species, like ash, birch or mixed hardwoods.
  • Ash – like oak, it has high heat output, so using ash logs will it easier to build and maintain a fire. It produces a good flame and forms a beautiful coal bed.
  • Birch – this burns very hot and produces a beautiful flame. It is worth remembering, however, that birch burns quicker than ash or oak. This fuel has been used in Scandinavia for centuries and still is today, due to its availability. Birch has recently become fashionable along with modern glass-door wood burners.
  • Mixed Hardwoods – not only is this still our bestselling wood species, but it’s also the most available. Mixed hardwoods produce slightly less heat compared to the other wood species listed above, and so require more input.

Our firewood crates & nets

We stock three different sized crates: standard, flexi and large pallets. Bags/nets of firewood are available in 40 and 80 nets of logs.

How to order

  1. Select the product species
  2. Make a selection from the available options
  3. Proceed to the safe checkout and enter your delivery date



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