Firewood for Sale - Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs: Oak, Birch, Ash

Firewood For Sale

Buy Firewood Direct has thrived in the market for over 10 years and become renowned for supplying the best ready to burn  hardwood firewood for residential fireplaces in an ethical and environmental manner. By following German and Scandinavian standards of production, we preserve the quality of the wood against severe winters. Our kiln dried logs always carefully prepared and resourced, and so it is ideal for home fireplaces and wood burners. Our wood also has a lower rate of carbon emissions by following the Northern standards of production, so that you can be assured of the best quality.


Buy Firewood Direct is a company with a huge future in the UK. Our production plant produces wood products that are designed for UK customers. We provide a commitment to the sustainability of our product, the ability to supply direct to customers at low prices and a thorough knowledge of this industry. We fully believe that you will never regret choosing us for your firewood needs.


Unlike other retailers who import wood from multiple producers, we produce our own products. This starts with the forestry and log supply and finishes with the oven drying cycle (kiln drying). We can guarantee that all of our produced hardwood logs are kiln dried to below 20% on average, which means they meet the highest recognised standards in the UK, Germany and Scandinavia.


Buy Firewood Direct can guarantee you that all of our log supply is responsibly sourced from private and state forests.


Most of our orders are delivered within 2-3 working days if you place your order with all of the relevant instructions. Unlike other companies that offer a 2 to 10 business day service and sell from another supplier, we dispatch our own goods from our own stocks, either on the same working day or the following one. You don’t have to worry about the distance either, as we can transport our crates up to 400 miles within 2-3 days. 


Premium quality kiln dried oak & ash firewood logs for sale in 0.8M, 1.25M, 2M , 40 nets and 80 nets. All our oak/ash logs are cut to25cm and split, kiln dried and ready to burn. Unsplit oak/ash logs are also available in 1.25m and 2m crates with the limited supply. Oak wood is one of the best firewoods you can buy if you are looking for something that burns long and slow. The oak tree will grow to around 20 to 40 metres in height and develops a silvery brown bark. It drops acorns which provide food for the squirrels that live in its branches. We already use oak to build furniture and to provide beams for timber framed homes. This is because of its strength and density. It is this density that ensures it will burn long and strong with good heat output. It is perfect for overnight burning in your woodburner. The ash, meanwhile offers many of the same properties. The wood from this tree is known to already have a low moisture content, making it a great option for open fires as it will be less likely to produce sparks and will burn cleanly. It is also easy to split, making it perfect for producing your own kindling. As a combination, these two woods are an excellent choice for hot, slow burning fires that are clean and long lasting.

How to buy your oak/ash firewood

We sell our  oak/ash hardwood logs in a variety of size loads to meet your requirements. These include 0.8m, 1.25m and 2m crates. These crates are delivered to you readymade allowing you to decide how you would like to store them. They can be placed directly into your garage or shed, or you can unload the wood into your storage area. If you wish, you may prefer to buy the logs in netted bags. These come in either 40 or 80 bag deliveries and are ideal for the easy transportation of the logs. Each bag contains enough logs to last a couple of days and are easily carried inside. Our oak and ash logs are sold split into 25 cm lengths making them ideal for wood burners or open fires. However you can also choose to buy unsplit logs with their attractive natural rounded shape. These logs look great stored inside your home and offer a decorative look - even if you choose not to burn them. As with all of our woods, our oak and ash logs are kiln dried to reduce the moisture content down to a minimum of 20% or less. This process can take many hours and results in a wood that is less prone to sparking and will burn more cleanly. You will also use fewer logs as the wood will burn more slowly. Kiln dried oak/ash logs can also be delivered to your home within 48 hours of your order, giving you the chance to experience a warming open fire in no time. Place your order with us today or give us a call to find out the type of wood that is best for your needs and the size delivery that you will need to keep you supplied with wood for the rest of the winter. If you are at all unsure about the type of wood that is best for your needs or you simply want good quality hardwood that provides you with the warmth and longevity you want, our mixed hardwood logs are the perfect choice. Available in a variety of size loads and cut to easy to use lengths, this firewood is everything you need for the perfect roaring fire.

Hardwoods - perfect for burning

Our mixed hardwood logs deliveries contain a mixture of hardwoods. This allows them to burn longer and to give a hot fire without problems relating to sparking and smoke. All of the logs are oven dried over 4-5 days using our moisture reducing processes to bring them down to less than 20% moisture - in many cases it is much less. Having little moisture in your firewood is essential for producing less smoke when burning and to prevent sparking. The low moisture content also results in a longer lasting wood that will burn for many hours. This makes kiln dried mixed hardwood logs great value for money. These logs will even burn overnight, ensuring you can wake up and get your fire going again in no time.

Your log delivery

You can have your mixed hardwood logs delivered in either 0.8m 1.25m or 2m crates. These crates are rigid and perfect for delivery directly into your garage or shed. You can leave the wood sitting in the crates for convenience or you can remove the wood and stack it anywhere that is dry and out of direct rainfall. Obviously, you don’t want to undo all of the hard work of having the logs kiln dried by leaving your wood in a damp or wet environment. If you prefer, you can have your mixed hardwoods delivered in netted bags - either 40 or 80 at a time. These bags are handy for transportation and perfect if you want to bring a small amount of wood into the house each day. The larger delivery will certainly last for most of the winter as each bag should offer 2-3 days of burning. The wood is split into 25 cm lengths, making them perfect for feeding into a wood burner. There is no needs to split them further. As with all of our woods, these mixed loads are sustainably sourced from around the UK and Europe and are from managed plantations where the trees are replanted. Our commitment to sustainability is important us and we take the time to ensure our wood is correctly certified. You can have your wood delivered within around 48 hours from the time of order (weekends excepted) and our friendly staff are happy to talk through the size options with you, just email us. You will love these mixed hardwoods as they produce everything you need including long burning, clean and hot fuel for your fire, woodburner and firepit. 


With so many different types of wood available to use as firewood, it can be difficult to know which ones will work best in your fireplace or wood burner, depending on your particular requirements. For example, you may want a wood that will burn cleanly, but produce a bright light and plenty of warmth. Kiln dried birch logs are certainly going to offer these benefits, but there’s plenty more to learn about birch and so many ways you can have it delivered to your home.

All about birch wood

Birch is a hardwood tree that is identified by its attractive silvery bark that peels away. This makes it a great looking wood to use around your home as a decorative item. Our unsplit logs are great for this purpose. Birch is not often used in construction due to its hardness. It can be difficult to work with, but it is these qualities that make it perfect for burning. As with all of our firewood, we kiln dry our birch logs for up to 5 days, reducing the moisture content to less than 20%. This process reduces the sparking that can sometimes occur with more moisture filled logs. Additionally, drying wood will cause it to burn more cleanly and for longer. Our silver birch hardwood firewood logs are the perfect wood type for open fires and for wood burners and due to their aroma when burnt, they make a great option for BBQs too.

Buying birch wood logs

You can buy our birch logs in a variety of ways. If you want to get in enough wood to last you for the entire winter, you may wish to choose one of our wood crates. These come in 0.8m, 1.25m and 2m sizes and will be delivered to you ready split. All you need to do is to load the wood into a dry area such as a wood shed or lean to and you have enough wood to keep you going for many weeks. For a more convenient sized load, you can buy our kiln dried birch logs in individual nets. These will be delivered in crates of either 40 or 80 nets. Each net contains enough wood for a couple of days in an open fire or woodburner and makes getting the wood from the shed and into your home easy and mess-free. All logs are cut to around 25cm and are ready split. This means that you do not need to chop them further. They are perfectly sized to be fed directly into your wood burner and will work on almost all open fires.  We take great care to source our wood from sustainable growers across eastern Europe and the UK. This means that we can be assured that our wood is an environmentally friendly product and in many cases is considered to be carbon neutral as the trees that are planted are off-setting the carbon released as it burns. We believe you will love the way that this birch wood will burn and that it will offer everything you need for your fire, burner or BBQ. Just email us your needs and we will recommend the size load that you require. We can arrange delivery in as little as 48 hours.