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The great advantage of kiln dried logs is that you will always know exactly what you’re getting – logs which have been placed inside a large kiln that is both heat and humidity-controlled. They are then left for several days until the moisture content has reached the ideal level, which is usually lower than 20%. The kiln’s extremely high temperatures and low humidity quickly draw out the moisture from the logs.

When purchasing your seasoned logs, you will have to take the processor’s word for it that the logs are “seasoned”. They could have been air-dried for as little as 6 months or as long as 3 years. The only way you can find out for sure is to test the logs with a moisture meter before buying them. This involves splitting them open and checking their internal moisture content, which can vary a lot more in seasoned logs because of the very nature of traditional air-dried logs, which do not release their internal moisture as easily as kiln dried logs. In fact, logs that measure 20% on the outside might be as high as 40% and wet on the inside.


If you buy seasoned logs from a local supplier, the moisture content generally starts at 25% and can rise to 40%. This depends on how long the logs have been left to dry out. Over time, this causes the build-up of high levels of creosote and tar, and damages your stove and flue lining. It is extremely hard to find very well seasoned logs which are below 20% as it is very difficult for traditional suppliers to keep up with demand in a rapidly growing market that’s boosted by the popularity of wood burners. As a result, there is now increasing demand for ready to burn kiln dried logs.


The higher quality of kiln dried logs means they are more valuable and have a higher price than traditional air-dried logs. In fact, one kiln dried log can give you the same amount of heat as two to three regular seasoned logs. This means you will only need one log on your stove to generate excellent heat output.


As kiln dried logs sellers only need to hold sufficient stock to keep up with their current demand, it is much easier for them to manage their stock levels, which can be ordered within weeks. Therefore, no matter what the month is, you can guarantee that kiln dried logs sellers will have stock available.



Now that we have started the burning season and we have a lot of customers who are relatively new to wood burning, I would like to offer some tips about the safe and efficient burning of kiln dried logs.
Firstly, ensure that you get the stove hot enough – above 250 °F – as soon as possible because this is the optimal temperature for complete combustion. Secondly, maintain this heat so that you have an efficient and effective clean-burning fire.


If you have started a very slow-burning fire in your airtight, modern stove with the vents damped/closed too much, it will produce flue temperatures of 100-200 °F.
This temperature is too low and will not carry all the unburned, combustible gases out into the atmosphere effectively. They will instead condense as creosote along the walls of the stovepipe and your chimney. This is why it’s important to bring the initial temperature up quickly, to ensure your fire produces sufficient heat to remove the gases as the logs burn, and it needs to do this consistently.
Top tips for building up your fire and ensuring the vents supply sufficient oxygen
Building and then maintaining an efficient and effective fire means you need to burn just the right amount of fuel. It is, therefore, important to use good fire-building practices and provide sufficient oxygen control by using the vents.


  • Only use kiln dried logs – never use part-seasoned or damp wood.
    • Open all of the air vents at the beginning.
    • Start your fire with both firelighters and dry kindling and then allow the kindling to burn fiercely for 5-10 minutes so that it warms your flue and creates a strong draw before you add your logs. Burn bright, hot fires and begin with some smaller logs. Arrange the logs so that the air can flow between them, without ever overfilling the stove.
    • Keep all the air vents open fully until your stove has been operating at a heat higher than 300 °F for a quarter of an hour, then start closing them gradually at regular intervals. Doing this will slow down the burn and make sure more heat stays within the stove and less of it escapes up the flue. If you close your vents before this point you will starve the fire of oxygen during its warm-up phase. So wait until you can feel significant heat from the stove before you reduce the airflow, particularly when you’re burning oak or ash logs. Never close the vents entirely or try to shut them too much and always reassess how the fire is burning, and then adjust when necessary.
    • Wait until the fire has burned right down to its glowing embers or the flue temperature has dropped to 300 °F (if you own a stove thermometer) before reloading.
    • Reload the fire by adding at least a couple of logs each time. Make sure you don’t open your door too often, however, as the stove temperature will drop. Avoid adding one log at a time.
    • Open the vents slightly for a short while after you have added more logs as this will help the combustion. Then close them slightly after several minutes.
    • Open up your vents before you go to bed, so that your fire will burn cleanly overnight. Ensure you never leave the stove damped down heavily overnight as this causes creosote build-up and will hinder combustion.
    • It is important to have your flue or chimney swept before each season begins to ensure that any deposits are removed. This will delight your chimney sweep who is sure to be impressed with your skills!
    • Make sure you install a carbon monoxide alarm that is marked to EN 50291 and has the British Standards Kitemark. Place it 15cm below the height of the ceiling.
    A lot has been said about the cost benefits, heat value, and protection that kiln dried logs offer, but little has been said about either their origin or the process behind them.
    We think it is important to educate our customers about every aspect of kiln dried firewood so that they always know what they’re buying from us.



Kilns are large structures that look similar to an oven, except they have vents to control the heat and humidity of the air that circulates around inside the chamber. They are fuelled by logs, normally cut from trees.
The kiln drying process is dependent on the wood species being dried, including the log’s size, diameter and moisture content. It is a fascinating and constantly evolving science, demonstrated by the fact our sole supplier chooses to refine their methods by conducting studies with a university. This is a major reason why we just use one firewood supplier.


Trees are inspected and selected for both their quality and suitability and then chopped down. Our supplier will only fell trees if they are from sustainably managed forests. After felling, the trees are cut to the exact length of 25cm (or 10″ inches), the ideal size for wood-burning stoves. Each round log is then processed by a machine which splits them into the logs that you can see on our website. As they still contain up to 60% water, the logs are now thrown loose into metal cages and placed inside the kiln. Care is taken to make sure there are lots of gaps between each log.


The circulating air within the kiln now removes moisture from the air. As a result, the moisture within the logs is drawn out of the wood and into the surrounding chamber, as the kiln reaches the perfect temperature and relative humidity. This process is repeated until virtually all the water is removed from the inside of the log. This leaves a very dry log that has a moisture content of less than 15% and is now ready to burn. It is a superior product because it’s far drier than any seasoned wood that the UK climate could air-dry naturally over the course of a few years.

The entire kiln drying process takes only 3-7 days from start to finish, depending on the climate conditions outside the kiln and the number of logs that are being dried.


As kiln drying is so fast and can be completed in just one week, we can buy firewood that is ready to burn all-year-round. There’s no reason to wait for traditional firewood suppliers to season and manage their stock anymore. Consumers now have much more choice and are no longer forced to buy semi-seasoned or wet logs in the winter when their supplies have run out.

Thankfully, kiln dried firewood has totally transformed the UK’s firewood industry over the past few years, making it easier to light and sustain longer-burning fires and giving people the ability to warm their homes faster. Consumers and chimney sweeps are much better off as a result.

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We stock 3 sizes of neatly hand-stacked crates: 0.8, 1.25, 1.6. There are also two options for netted kiln dried logs: 40 nets and 80 nets. They are available in Ash, Ash & Oak, Oak, Birch, as well as mixed hardwoods species. Our prices are inclusive of 5 % VAT and free 2-3 day Nationwide Delivery. So buy your kiln dried logs direct from the manufacturer and save your money today!

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