Firewood Delivery

Our standard delivery method is kerb-side delivery, which is free to most UK postcodes. 

Unless specified otherwise, when ordered from STOCK, Your order will be delivered 3 – 5 days after the order dispatch, with most orders being delivered within 4 days of the dispatch. Delivery times are Monday-Friday, 8am-8pm.

Your Firewood Delivery

Day 1: After making your purchase, order will be 5 side shrink wrapped and dispatched to your nearest local delivery depot. 

Day 2- Day 6: Order is delivered from the depot to your home address.  Once the Order has been dispatched, we will text you the Tracking ID to your mobile so that you can check the progress of your delivery.

Please be advised that the tracking of your order’s delivery is your responsibility. Furthermore, please keep in mind that the previously indicated estimated time of arrival may be altered due to courier schedules and capacities.

You will be called by the driver shortly before the crate’s arrival.

When Does My Order Arrive?

When ordered from stock, we ensure that 70% of orders are completed 4 days after the purchase. For example, if you make your order before 1pm on Monday, the order will arrive by Thursday.

Order Placed – Delivery Days

Monday (by 3pm) – Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday
Tuesday (by 3pm) – Thursday, Friday, Monday, Tuesday
Wednesday (by 3pm) – Friday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Thursday (by 3pm) – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Friday (by 3pm) – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Saturday (at any time)- Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday
Sunday (at any time)- Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday

General Requirements of Kerb-side Delivery 

Your firewood is delivered on a vehicle that needs clearance of 3.8m in height, 2.8m in width and 11m in length (incl. taillight ) in order to access your property. Please ensure that your delivery area is large enough to accommodate this size of the vehicle.


The surface of the area should be level, not on a slope, and made of sturdy material, rather than grass. We cannot deliver pallets if the access road offers a smaller clearance space than is required, so ensure that the access roads all adhere to these specifications on the day of delivery. It is your responsibility to do so.

pallet truck restrictions

All of our deliveries are kerbside. It is up to the driver’s discretion to move your pallet elsewhere. A hard and even surface will be required in all cases where further pallet handling is required. There will be a redelivery charge of £ 40 and delivery surcharges where they are applicable/per crate for every additional delivery attempt when there has been no one there to receive the delivery or the delivery cannot be left safely! It is your responsibility to ensure that the delivery point is suitable when placing your order, as per the given instructions. Please contact us if you have any questions about this. For a short video presentation on how your palletized goods are delivered, please click here: 

Adding Delivery Comments

During the checkout process, please inform us of any delivery preferences you may have in terms of where you would like us to leave your firewood. Please take note that we are contracted to deliver to the kerbside of properties. It is down to the driver’s discretion whether they leave the pallets elsewhere, so it’s down to them whether or not deliveries will be made to other locations on your property.

Delivery Surcharges

Free delivery zone / postcodes update on 27.12.2023! 

To find out if you qualify for free delivery, please select any product and enter your address in the checkout. 

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