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Large Crate Of Kiln Dried Birch

About Buy Firewood Direct

Buy Firewood Direct Ltd is a direct manufacturer of kiln dried hardwood logs with more than 20 years of experience in firewood production, supplying both retail and trade. We fully manage all the processes, from round log harvesting to kiln drying, to ensure that we can always provide you with high-quality logs at unbeatable prices throughout the year.

We stock the UK’s largest assortment of Woodsure approved ready to burn low-cost wood fuel in ash, ash & oak, birch and mixed hardwoods, which will come in 3 crates sizes and 2 net sizes to meet all your needs. So if you use firewood at home, sell it, or need it to maintain your business activities, then look no further – we are the direct source for your fuel.

Some Facts

  • Over 20000 UK homes deliveries done
  • Over 2/3 of our new customers after their first order stay loyal to us
  • 75% of our standard deliveries are completed withing 48h from day of dispatch
  • We stock the UK’s largest selection of kiln dried wood fuel
  • We reward each order with loyalty points equivalent to £2, £3 of £ 5 per crate

Supplying UK Retail, Wholesale & Trade Since 2014

Buy Firewood Direct Ltd  – legal entity was established in 2014 and since then we have grown into one of the country’s leading suppliers of kiln dried hardwood products.

Environmental and Ethical

Our firewood products are selected for quality and value. We own direct manufacturing source and business, ensure that both our ethical standards of production and our high environmental demands for sustainability are met.

UK Based Company

We are situated in Manchester with warehoused stocks in West Midlands. Our warehousing team ensures reliable supply and fast delivery wherever and whenever you need us.