About Us

Buy Firewood Direct Ltd is a producer and UK supplier of kiln dried logs with more than 20 years of experience in firewood production, supplying both retail and trade. We fully manage all the processes, from round log harvesting to kiln drying, to ensure that we can always provide you with high-quality logs at unbeatable prices throughout the year. We stock the UK’s largest assortment of kiln dried logs, which come in 3 crates sizes and 2 net sizes to meet all your needs. So if you use kiln dried firewood at home, sell it, or need it to maintain your business activities, then look no further – we are the direct source for your fuel.

Interesting Facts

  • Over 20 000 UK homes deliveries done
  • after first order over 2/3 of our new customers stay loyal
  • 75% of our standard deliveries are completed withing 48h from day of dispatch
  • We stock the UK's largest selection of kiln dried wood fuel
  • We reward each order with loyalty points equivalent to £2, £3 of £ 5 per crate

Buy Firewood Direct is a company with a difference. Our product is produced on-site, dried on site and delivered direct to you when you need it. It is this combination of production and supply which allows us to offer the very best prices you will get anywhere in the UK for kiln dried mixed hardwoods and birch.We have been producing quality woods for home fires for more than ten years and it is this experience which has taught us what is important for our customers. We recognize that you want a reliable service that supplies what you expect, when you expect it. You need a friendly and courteous service which is also knowledgeable and environmentally caring. Our wood is produced to the standards expected in Germany and Scandinavia, where the harsh winters demand a product which is carefully resourced, well prepared, low in carbon emissions and suitable for home wood burners and open fires. We operate to these standards here in the UK too – giving you a quality of service which is second to none. Buy Firewood Direct is a company which has a huge future in the UK. With a large production plant producing wood products designed for UK customers, a commitment to the sustainability of our product, the ability to supply direct to customers at low prices and our thorough knowledge of this industry – we fully believe that you will never regret choosing us for your firewood needs.

Choose A Variety Of Kiln Dried Firewoods

We specialize in the supply of a range of kiln-dried hardwood logs, particularly kiln dried ash, ash/oak,  birch and mixed hardwoods.

What Makes Us Different?

Many retailers of firewood will import their logs from multiple producers. But here at Buy Firewood Direct, we produce our own hardwood and kiln dry it too. It enables us to ensure that all our logs are kiln dried to a moisture level below 20%, conforming to the highest standards of dryness recognized in our markets.

All Our Firewood Comes From Responsible Sources

We guarantee that all logs we supply originate from private and state-run forests where all forestry is carefully monitored to ensure its sustainability.

All Year Round Firewood Availability

How are we able to keep our hardwood stock levels high throughout the year? It’s all thanks to our big production plant which can produce in excess of 800m3 of firewood every month, all year long.

Fast Firewood Delivery Service

We always try to deliver most our orders within 3 days of receiving them, and we dispatch our firewood from our own storage facilities, usually on the same day as your order comes in. We are able to transport to most UK destinations within our 3 day time slot, providing our delivery criteria is met. Please see our delivery page for more details.

We’re Always Available To Talk Firewood

Should you have any questions or issues relating to kiln dried hardwood firewood, one of the Buy Firewood Direct team will be happy to help. Please call or email us. We guarantee to reply to your email message on the same day we receive it.

All Buy Firewood Direct Reviews Are 100% Genuine

We can’t say the same for all companies out there. But with us, we guarantee all feedback we publish comes from genuine customers. You can easily add your opinion to those already published. We’ll send you a reminder to post a review about us after you’ve received your delivery. Of course, you’re not obliged to give feedback, but customers who do will be entered into a draw for the chance to win free firewood! In the unlikely event that you experience problems with our service, one of our senior team members will be on-hand to help solve your problem.

The Buy Firewood Direct Loyalty Scheme 

We always like to reward loyal customers who contribute to the success of our business. That’s why we offer reward points for every purchase you make. The points you receive will depend on the value of the firewood you buy, but each time you buy, you will receive either 2, 3 or 5 points which can be exchanged for discounts on our products. To use your loyalty points, log in (pun intended) to your account, select your order history and choose reorder. Your loyalty points will cause a discount to apply to your order.