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Are you seeking logs for sale near me for a fireplace, wood-burning stove, or wood-fired grill? You should look out for firewood with excellent burn quality and heat output to make sure it can sustain a scorching flame for a long time. There are many more factors to keep in mind, so don’t hesitate to check out this comprehensive fire log buying guide and learn more about the basics.

Naturally Dried vs Kiln Dried Wood

Every time you stumble across inexpensive firewood, you have to ask yourself a simple question – is it really a wise purchase? Unfortunately, it often happens that cheap logs don’t live up to our expectations because they burn out too fast or provide very little heat. Does it mean that some types of firewood are better than others? Yes it does. Let us explain the difference between good and middling fire logs.

More often than not, suspiciously cheap wood is dried in a natural way, i.e. it is stored outside till the sun evaporates moisture. It would seem that natural means the best but the truth is this method comes with a number of shortcomings:

  • it may take months, if not years, for logs to dry to properly, especially for thick ones;
  • as timber ages over the course of the drying process, it becomes decrepit and friable. This negatively impacts burning times and heat production;
  • since logs are stored outside, they are poorly protected from precipitation. Therefore, you may get a damp or insufficiently dried product.

Unfortunately, naturally-dried logs are not that uncommon. If you purchased firewood for your needs but your experience turned out to be a complete disappointment, chances are that you came across an unscrupulous seller who palmed wet or decrepit logs off on you.

Kiln dried firewood is a different story. This type of wood is dried in a controlled environment to guarantee optimal moisture content, hardness, and burning duration. Whenever you’re looking for logs for sale near me, you should focus only on kiln dried firewood.

Kiln Dried Logs: Explained

Unlike tinder that has been dried naturally outdoors (it is otherwise known as seasoned wood), this type of firewood is dried in special industrial kilns that maintain a stable temperature of 60-70 °C. While it takes months for sun-dried counterparts to evaporate moisture, kiln dried logs become fuel-ready within just a few days of baking.

Along with the ready-to-use feature, the main advantage of kiln drying technology is the quality of the end product. The optimal moisture content in firewood should not exceed 20%. Otherwise, it will be difficult to start a fire and the flame temperature will be lower than desired. Due to the stable temperature and air circulation inside the furnace, each individual log is perfectly dried and ready to use right away. With natural drying, on the other hand, it is impossible to achieve consistent moisture characteristics. Logs that sit inside a stack never dry out as well as those that are on top simply because the sun’s rays fail to reach them. As a result, dry logs get mixed with wet ones and stable quality is out of the question. However, if you opt for logs dried in a kiln, you can always be sure that moisture is removed in every single piece of wood.

Benefits of Dried Logs

So, thanks to the advanced drying technology, kiln dried logs are much better than other types of firewood but what does ‘better’ actually mean? Here’s the explanation:

  • due to moisture content of 20% or below, kiln-dried wood combines extended burning time with ultimate heat output;
  • this type of firewood is ready to burn straight away;
  • quality is consistent throughout a batch;
  • in comparison with naturally dried logs, you need less wood to achieve the desired temperature or flame duration;
  • kiln-dried wood doesn’t smoulder; this means that you won’t have to clean your stove too often or hire chimney sweeps to remove soot;
  • although the price of kiln dried logs per pallet is higher than that of seasoned wood, you will need fewer logs to fire a stove; therefore, it boasts better value for your money.

Buy Firewood Direct supplies logs 25 cm (10”) long, an optimal size for wood-burning stoves and fireplaces in the UK. If you are looking for logs for sale near me, Buy Firewood Direct is a trustworthy supplier with thousands of clients around the UK. A large selection of fire logs, unrivalled quality, and fast shipment made us the country’s leading kiln dried firewood company.

Log Species Matters

Different types of wood have divergent indicators of heat output and burn duration. Hardwoods are the best option for fuelling a fireplace or wood-burning stove as they are champions when it comes to giving off maximum heat and prolonged burn. Softwoods, despite their low cost, tend to burn quickly, so you need more wood to achieve and maintain the desired temperature.

Here at Buy Firewood Direct, we deliver only hardwood kiln dried logs because the quality is our main priority. Our product range includes the following varieties of wood:

Oak firewood is ideal for heating. It provides sustained fire and burns out evenly without leaving much ash or soot. On the other hand, due to their high density, oak logs are harder to split and, as a whole, it may take more effort to kindle them.

Beech firewood is considered to be a classic fireplace wood since it boasts a beautiful flame pattern, good heat development, and nice ambers. At the same time, it rarely throws sparks.

Thanks to high density, ash wood has an excellent heat output, on a par with oak and beech. Even if your logs are slightly damp, they will still retain their ability to burn. On the other hand, because of their hardness, ash logs are difficult to split.

Birch firewood is a popular option for fireplaces since it shows no tendency to spark if dry enough. When being burned, it emits a pleasant wooden scent while flames feature a slight blue tint. On top of that, birch is easy to chop and kindle even when it is wet. On the downside, birch delivers about 85% of oak’s heat output and marginally smoulders.

If you are looking for an economical option to light a fireplace or stove, we supply mixed hardwood logs. As the name implies, this option is assembled of 3-4 types of firewood with varying burn times and heat outputs. Due to their variegated characteristics, these logs are easy to light, they are more reliable than oak tinder and burn longer than birch.

Buy Firewood Direct – the Best Supplier of Logs for Sale Near Me

Do you need firewood to fuel a wood stove, carry out your business activities, or sell to retail buyers? Buy Firewood Direct has got you covered. Established in 2014, we quickly became one of the leaders in the production and supply of kiln dried wood fuel. We carry out a full production cycle from round log harvesting and sawing to drying in industrial kilns to guarantee unsurpassed quality and the lowest possible prices.

Here are just a few reasons to purchase kiln dried logs from Buy Firewood Direct:

– we supply the widest selection of firewood in the United Kingdom;

– ¾ deliveries are made within 48 hours after dispatch;

– we deliver to all corners of the United Kingdom through courier services and delivery companies;

– our kiln dried logs come in 3 crate sizes and 2 net sizes;

– we have a loyalty program that lets you save from £2 to £5 per each pallet purchased from us.

– Buy Firewood Direct supplies a variety of hardwood log species including birch, ash, oak, and mixed logs.

More than half of first-time buyers become our regular customers, and this fact speaks for itself. Firewood by Buy Firewood Direct is quality you can trust.

Environmental-Friendly and Ethical Harvesting

Due to the fact that we harvest and produce timber in-house, we are able to maintain high-level ethical standards and sustainability policies. Most of the wood we sell is grown and harvested in the United Kingdom. This means that each delivery feature reduced ‘log miles’ and carbon emissions. On top of that, our firewood is oftentimes cheaper than imported analogues.

By placing our facilities in the United Kingdom, we help create jobs and support local forestry. Since woodlands require regular thinning, our activities promote the well-being of forest ecosystems and their inhabitants. We make sure that glade areas are re-planted with young and healthy trees.

Last but not least, domestic wood is safer than that brought from abroad. The truth is that imported wood can be infected by pests (for example, borer beetle) or fungal diseases (such as ash dieback) that can cause huge damage to UK-native wood species. Therefore, when opting for locally grown and produced firewood, you vouch for the health and beauty of our forests.

Logs Delivery Near Me

In more than 80% of cases, we deliver your orders within 48 hours after dispatch. For example, if you place your order on Tuesday before 13:00, your firewood will arrive at your destination on Thursday.

You need to keep in mind that firewood is delivered in pallets via a van of at least 3 m (10 ft) in width and 5 m (17 ft) in height. Therefore, it is vital that your property is able to accommodate such a vehicle. To ensure that delivery goes without a hitch, there should be unhindered access (a wide driveway paved with sturdy material, no overhanging branches, enough room for manoeuvring, etc.) as well as a flat even unloading area.

When ordering logs from Buy Firewood Direct, you need to specify which wood species you prefer (ash, birch, oak, etc.), pallet size (flexi, standard, or large crate), quantity, as well as delivery address. We deliver firewood via courier companies across the entire UK. Please note that there are delivery surcharges for certain UK regions. When your order is approved and processed, you will receive a tracking number to monitor the status of your delivery.

Delivery service drivers are instructed to leave the crates you ordered on the kerbside if you are not at home. If it is impossible to carry out safe unloading, your order will be sent back to a distribution warehouse and you can arrange re-delivery for an additional fee.

How to Store Kiln Dried Firewood

One of the main benefits of kiln dried logs is that they do not absorb moisture from the atmosphere thus remaining dry inside when it is drizzling. Even if firewood dampens, the moisture will not go deeper than the top layer. Over the next few days, superficially wet logs will be able to dry out completely. After you receive your firewood, you can store it right on the pallet if you care to cover it with a waterproof material (tarpaulin or film). The best option, however, is to store logs in a garage, shed, or a log store under cover. If you keep them inside, make sure that the room is dry and well-ventilated. Otherwise, wood may dampen over the course of long-term storage.


Buy Firewood Direct is your best source of logs for sale near me. We tickle every box when it comes to kiln dried firewood whether you prefer oak, birch, ash, or mixed woods. Thanks to optimal moisture content and hardness, our logs burn slower than seasoned or green wood while producing more heat. Plus, hardwood logs burn clean so you won’t have to worry about tar or soot in your chimney.

Ready to get top-notch firewood delivered right to your doorway? Then don’t hesitate to browse through Buy Firewood Direct product range and order some of the finest logs for wood-burning stoves in the UK.