Is it too late ordering firewood?

UK Spring in March

What is the expected end date for this year’s firewood season in Europe, and how much firewood would be appropriate to purchase in late season?

Can you tell me when the firewood season ends this year and how much firewood should I buy? Also, when does the logs burning season come to an end?

It can be challenging to determine the amount of firewood required to keep warm during the colder winter months. Due to a rise in transports, packaging costs and national forest expenses for firewood quotas, it can be difficult to budget for kiln-dried logs. This blog will cover:

  • The traditional burning season for lighting your wood burner
  • An estimate of how long you’ll need to light a fire in 2023
  • How much firewood you’ll require.

What is the traditional burning season for wood burners in the UK?

Generally, it runs from September to March every year. As temperatures drop towards the end of September, people begin lighting their fireplaces more often, and December through March are typically the months when wood burners are used most frequently.

However, this may vary depending on where you live in the country. Predicting when the burning season will end in 2023 is challenging as it depends on various factors such as weather conditions. Nonetheless, temperatures usually start to rise from May onward. As for how much firewood to buy, it depends on several factors such as frequency of use and storage capacity at home.

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