Kiln Dried Logs

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Save money by purchasing high-quality kiln dried logs online direct from manufacturer! We offer various options for both crated and netted firewood. For crated firewood, we offer five different size options including a standard size crate, flexi size crate, large size crate, double stack (2 x Standard size crates), and an XL stack (1 x Flexi crate + 1 x Standard size crate). If you prefer netted firewood, we offer two different sizes: 80 nets (22l size) or 40 nets (22l size).
All of our logs are made from 100% hardwoods, with the option to choose between mixed hardwoods, birch, or oak. The log length is approximately 25cm (9 ¾”), with a tolerance of +/- 8%. The log diameter ranges from 7-15cm (2¾– 6”), measured across the widest point of the log with a tolerance of +/- 10%. The average moisture content is approximately 20%, and each crate has a maximum brash volume of 4% (brash constitutes bark and smaller pieces).
Order now to enjoy high-quality kiln dried logs at an affordable price! When our products leave the warehouse via courier van, they are shrink-wrapped on all five sides to ensure protection from rain and other potential hazards during transportation. This provides peace of mind for customers who may need to handle the crate on rainy days.
Additionally, all of our prices include a 5% VAT and free delivery to most UK postcodes. This means you can enjoy high-quality products without any hidden fees or additional charges. Order now to take advantage of this great offer!