80 Nets (22l) Kiln Dried Mixed Hardwood Firewood Logs

Kiln dried logs for sale - mixed hardwood logs in 80 22l size bags containing alder, birdcherry & maple average 10-14 logs per bag. This pallet of 80 hardwood logs in nets is a great way to purchase your fuel in bags. Logs are cut to 25cm in length and kiln dried to an average 10-20% moisture content. Logs are kiln dried for 3-4 days in drying chambers meeting the strictest EU moisture content standards for the kiln dried hardwood firewood.Logs are easy to unpack and use as required. Sacks are fully stacked with the wood and has no branding or labelling. You simply need to keep the firewood pallet stored securely in your wood shed or other dry location until needed. As our kiln dried firewood has a moisture content below 20% it enables your stove to operate more efficiently, and not leave black residues in your flue or chimney. This means you will burn less firewood, and avoid damaging your stove. Kiln dried logs is known to be much better value for money than normal firewood. It has a higher heat output, and the reduced residue left in your chimney or flue mean your purchase will save money.

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80 Nets (22l) Kiln Dried Mixed Hardwood Firewood Logs

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