Kiln Dried Ash

About kiln dried Ash hardwood logs; character, benefits

Ash hardwood has long been chosen for burning in open fires and log fires as it has all the characteristics that make it an ideal fuel. We use kiln dried ash logs because we recognize these qualities and only want to offer the very best to our customers. Ash kiln dried logs offer the following benefits:

● Ash has low moisture content even when freshly cut, so it can be burnt even at this early stage, but it is best when kiln dried to a moisture level of less than 20%.
● Ash is grown as part of a sustainable forest and is very plentiful worldwide – this makes it ideal for burning. It is the third most common species of tree in the UK and is relatively fast growing compared to some other hardwoods.
● As a hardwood, ash is long burning and will give hot flames with very little sparking.
● Ash will split easily without splintering making it ideal as a firewood or as kindling – but also for making tools or furniture.
● Once most of the moisture has been removed ash logs will be light and easy to carry and store.

kiln dried ash logs

kiln dried ash logs

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